A lot of progress on this. Should be picking up terminal blocks and starting to make wire assemblies tomorrow.


The positive leads... still need to shrink the heatshrink, label, and bundle them.

Back from a break with family and back to work on this business. Things are for the most part slowly coming together. I built a lot of cables!

Oof, finally hooked up all the batteries to the charger after rewiring most of it to add in overcurrent protection and other improvements, and it appears to be working just fine. :blobcatmelt3:

Finally 95% on our battery compartment wiring, including some cable management. All that remains (I think) is to bring a positive lead from the solar fuse block into here.

Spent a decent chunk of the day getting this fuse block installed/routed. Solar should be back online in the AM. :blobcathappy:

@baronvonjace Thanks! She's a really cool boat and we're hoping to try our hands at some bluewater sailing this year. It's been slow going, as there's so much to learn and adjust to.

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