Want a cool ink sketch?
πŸ”² Check my profile box for open commissions
πŸ”² Donate to a POC and/or LGBTQIA+ person in financial duress
πŸ”² DM me who you donated to/a link to their funding page (so that I can boost their page) and a request for a drawing (Examples below). No porn.
πŸ”² You'll get an inked drawing according to your request. If you'd like the original, just pay shipping.

@bort Thanks! Tbh no one has ever taken me up on it, but I hope that some folks in the position to have at least seen it and given donating another thought.

@Creaturista @bort

I've kicked around this idea for funding, too. But the type of artwork I do isn't really conducive to the whole commission thing.

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