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If you follow me, I do boost unCW'd stuff from POC talking about the frankly fucking ridiculous violence that is committed against them.
You can unfollow me or hide boosts from me on my profile.

If you ever think, "I should tell this person to CW stuff", let that thought die before your fingers touch the keyboard, or you can just DM that shit straight to me so that you feel heard, and I know that I never should have accepted your follow in the first place.

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Want a cool ink sketch?
🔲 Check my profile box for open commissions
🔲 Donate to a POC and/or LGBTQIA+ person in financial duress
🔲 DM me who you donated to/a link to their funding page (so that I can boost their page) and a request for a drawing (Examples below). No porn.
🔲 You'll get an inked drawing according to your request. If you'd like the original, just pay shipping.

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Had a random idea and decided to execute on it. Here's the rough first draft of what you can expect if you follow me:

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Looking to connect with Sailors/Boat Folks 

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If I offend or upset you, I am completely open to criticism. I really appreciate interacting with you all, and if I screw up, you don't owe me anything, but I would be grateful for the opportunity to learn. I am well aware that I do insensitive or just bad things at times. I am human, but being flawed doesn't make my behavior ok. I promise that I will listen carefully, not get defensive, and do work.

relationships, love, and mental health 

astrology, mh (+) 

Food Recipe 

re: Remote Writing Opportunity :boost_ok: 

re: Remote Writing Opportunity :boost_ok: 

Remote Writing Opportunity :boost_ok: 

Going to try and catch some of our abundant rain for laundry. Realized I also really want to learn how to sprout seeds to supplement our diet. Hopefully I can pick up supplies for that when we eventually go into port.

And while I say it's struggling, it's still doing well enough for the spouseband to work 8 hour shifts on his laptop and keep our hotspot and the e-reader charged. It's kicking ass for a pretty stormy beginning to April.

We're currently running a 30 amp-hour deficit, but a few hours of sunshine in the afternoon can knock 10 amp-hours off of it easily... not that we'll probably get that today. Hopefully we can go into low power mode for the weekend.

Solar is really struggling, but it's forecast to pick up next week. In the meanwhile, I've been taking a crash course in evolutionary astrology via Steven Forrest's Inner Sky, started Welcome to the Universe, re-read the first volume of Monstress, and watched a random western called Slow West. Half of that's thanks to the library. Libraries are pretty fucking rad.

Coronavirus, somewhat callous take 


Stressful, blustery day, but we made it out of the marina and are now at anchor.

This super-cute stubby tailed squirrel was super curious. Pretty sure they're used to being fed. They got so close that I had to start walking, and they followed me down the trail for a while.

mh (-) 


re: Parents, Emails, Covid, dangerous bigoted misinfo 

re: Parents, Emails, Covid, dangerous bigoted misinfo 

Every time I've read "sewers" in the last week or two, my brain has provided the wrong definition for the context and holy heck that's been confusing. :blobcatgoogly:

Boat has been washed. Dude rowed by in his recovered dinghy. Apparently someone took his dinghy off the rack when they purchased a boat as an honest misunderstanding and he told me had called 911 presumably to get the cops involved before he figured out what was going on.

He was also talking about how he couldn't afford to replace the dinghy on account of missing work b/c the virus but now he's going back... as things are getting worse in this county?

Um yeah, so... fuck that guy.

Weather is cooperating enough to clean the boat. Someone walked by asking about their stolen dinghy, making several references to how people don't have respect these days.

On the one hand, that sucks and I hope he gets it back. On the other, I'm sorry, did you somehow magically live at least 60 years without ever hearing about or seeing anything being stolen, ever?

Millenials and Zoomers definitely did not invent stealing shit.

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