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gonna start keeping a list of characters who were punished for being right

1. Killmonger
2. Hama

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Terry Crews and Lebron James team up to create the new Black Panthers 2020

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so many people want the option to be bald and also have beards, but I'm pretty sure your character is canonically 14

gross lewd mario, horny 

I picked Smazee as my starter but I forgot it wasn't a fire type when I nicknamed her Azula. if I ever get the chance to rename her I'm going with Ty Lee

@garfield damn Females should get back in the kitchen if you ask m- oh

in the last fight I just did, I used chain lightning to one shot these 2 temtem that were doubly weak against electricity. I guess they were flying and psychic or somethin, but they took x4 damage, and then I also killed myself

I got one electric temtem and it immediately started putting in mad work and became my second highest level temtem in like maybe 10 fights

anybody mind if i workshop my tweets on here?

every time i see Females in a book shop i get so pissed lmao

is the band bit time rush supposed to be rush but better

We stand firmly for peace and against war. However, if the imperialists insist on unleashing another war, we should not be afraid of it. Our attitude on this question is the same as our attitude towards any disturbance: first, we are against it; second, we are not afraid of it.

    - Mao Zedong, On the Correct Handling of Contradictions Among the People (1957)

i might be a "bernie bro" but the only woman I relentlessly attack is my freakin wife

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