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Terry Crews and Lebron James team up to create the new Black Panthers 2020

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the only real difference is that the userbase here is smaller, so there's usually only one big discourse rather than several medium-big ones

kinda funny to me how people go to twitter to complain about mastodon drama when twitter is almost entirely drama. not to be an Enlightened Centrist but they're the same picture

I've said before that Supernatural gets better after season 10, but it still took them 5 worse years after the creator left just to figure out how to write less annoyingly. and the show's still only mediocre at best

I don't think any show has ever been good after the creator left, so I gotta psyche myself up for Boondocks season 4

aye moe, the fried chicken flu episode of the Boondocks lookin kinda familiar πŸ‘€β€‹

after Cordelia dumped Xander she wished for all men to vanish except himbos

that last Caveman Cult EP was pressed as a one sided 10 inch. never seen that before

Do you have a certain song that takes you back to a good time in your life whenever you hear it? Could be a year, a day, or even just a moment, but it gives you a surge of beautiful nostalgia? Anyway, my car radio was on and "Turn the Page" was playing--

I haven't remembered any dreams since the one about a week ago that involved a satanic ritual and Corduroy the bear. almost shit myself twice irl in that dream

challenging my ex wife to a game of hoops to determine custody

didn't feel like takin a picture but my Consuming Impulse vinyl finally showed up πŸ€˜πŸΏβ€‹

Politics - China and US propagandists 

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