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my mom said she was proud of me for listening to classical music so I didn't bother telling her it was just an anime soundtrack

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I'm more or less over punk as a whole, but Futura is a solid band, and this just dropped today. female-fronted, en espaΓ±ol

you think the netflix algorithm gets confused at me watching shit I already disliked?

been thinking more and more about the lineage of metal so now I'm checkin out blues

in january I got Hellfire, then in february I got Under The Sign. I ended up getting 2 more first wave albums before another second wave, and then nothing until a few days ago when I got this Immortal album

damn I forgot that I was about to get into second wave black metal last year. that got completely derailed by me revisiting Bathory

the american left can actually learn from Kanye. we DO have too many Urkels on our team. our wins ARE low

had a fuck ton of crazy weird dreams while I was half asleep this morning. can't remember a single one tho

I'm glad this album is good cuz this is one of the best album covers I have ever seen in my entire life

Infinity Train is so wild. this cat's gettin piped by a grizzly bear

nobody told me Infinity Train was so good. season 1 was pretty cool, season 2 was surprisingly even better, and I just started season 3 but it's already goated

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