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Great transformations of society in human history like the end of empires, the move from Feudalism to Capitalism, and even Democracy were never peaceful transitions.

Violent uprisings are the lubricants of Political Change, always.

Being nocturnal sucks so much ass. Why did my younger self think this would be cool

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due to daylight savings time, nite crew hours now begin at 8pm

@CartoonBangover hey anyone ever tell you that you have the same profile pic as that dmx guy

Why is it called Method acting? I've never seen Daniel Day Lewis put anyone's nuts on a dresser, just their nuts laying on a dresser, and bang them shits with a spiked bat like blaow

if I put enough sugar in my tea it tastes like I'm drinkin gum

Remembering The Fallen Hero's Of This Web Sight:

- Vape Ape
- Turban Sage

white culture is giving more thought to your zombie apocalypse survival plan than to POC trying to survive the actual world now.

my profile now seems somehow even more offputting than when it was overtly satanic

Just imagine if shit posting was an alternate source of energy

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