It’s pretty clear folks have not educated themselves or actually have lived experiences of being in Latin America and the Caribbean. As someone born here and living here, let me say this. There absolutely is a difference between being afrodescendant and Afrolatinx.

I am Afrodescendant. I have family who are visibly Black. I have Black ancestors. Not vague, not maybe. However I am not visibly Black, & no that doesn’t make me lightskinned. It means I am not racialized as Black.

There are privileges that come with that. Stop pretending there isn’t white supremacy here. Columbus landed here. White supremacy in the West was built starting here. The difference is that whites aren’t the majority, but an elite group. The majority group are mestizxs, & they too have complexity. Rural vs city folks, colorism. Pigmentocracy is central to LatAm & Carib racialization & how that impacts entire communities. Economically, socially, etc.

Really standard silencing tactics that folks who aren’t racialized as Black are trying to lead conversations about that. Taíno people, we were the first to face the Spanish in the West, have oral stories about them already having enslaved Africans on board. Historically, West Africa faced colonialism and enslavement prior to colonization of the west. AntiBlackness is the foundation of colonialism.


And of course it’s people with close to zero connections to communities and lived experiences, most of them projecting their USian centric analysis as if that’s not another layer of imperialism.

Engage in our literature, poetry, art, so much of our work because there’s decades of resistance & analytical work that has been done talking about these topics. If this is new to YOU, then it’s your responsibility to humble yourself and engage what we’ve been doing before you decide to project.

No one is taking your ancestors from you.
But what you all need to understand is that descendancy here doesn’t equal racialization or even connection to that community if you weren’t raised in it. Descendancy doesn’t equal you having the capability to speak on a lived experience that isn’t yours.

@nothingwindsky 🙄 I see this issue constantly esp in English speaking spaces by Americanized Latinx folks and it’s dangerous the narratives they’re pushing bc it’s erasing community dialogues that have been happening here for a long time smh

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