*slaps roof of a book* this bad boy can fit so many words in it

denying us the right to eat ass where ever we want is fascism!

a OoT mod where any enemy might be ganondorf in disguise

Phoenix mayor apologises after US police threaten to shoot black family

The police aren't your friend, will never be your friend and will shoot you the moment they think they can get away with it.

All because you're black.

the amount of fascist propaganda coming out of Purism right now is what I would call A LOT

and don't for a second let gargel pretend he didn't know about any of it while taking their money

also sorry for a mobile picture; my screenshot program doesn't play nice with division 2

I'm just saying I remember when everyone was excited a non-white person set up an instance because it showed how DIVERSE the fed could be.

And then I started pushing back on attempts to tokenize me and began detailing the harmful behaviors and attitudes white PROGRESSIVES have in this space.

Ha, a lot of y'all faves just stopped talking to me.

At least to my face, anyway.

BBC News: Sajid Javid: Exclusion from Trump state banquet 'odd'
BBC News - Sajid Javid: Exclusion from Trump state banquet 'odd'

Personally, I'd be happy not to be anywhere near that orange fascist cunt.

I bet the neanderthal eats with his mouth open and a bib tied to him

Each day looking after him makes me understand and appreciate the constant load parents are under.

Other people's children are a great way of finding out if you could deal with 18+ years of bullshit.

I have decided that no, I cannot.

It might be the constant noise coming out of him.

He never stops talking. To me, to himself. Lots of rambling repetitive nonsense.

He also never stays still for a moment. Just keeping an eye on him is exhausting.

Seems like I'm not the only one skeptical about #Purism and #LibremOne :thonking:

Yale Privacy Labs did some testing and found a number of issues with this new suite of services. Along with trackers, an incomplete privacy policy, and a 0day that they minimised the severity of, all of their services are hosted on a single DigitalOcean droplet.

Granted, this droplet could be a load balancer but I trust a division of Yale to know what they're talking about.

All day I haven't been tired, but five minutes after I start looking after my nephew, I feel shattered and irritable.

The boy must have a fatigue field around him.

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