The whole evening was different than when grandma passed; while hers was a sombre affair, Granddad's seemed happier.

Maybe an unconscious choice was made this time to celebrate a life than mourn a loss.

I'd really love to know how a post of mine from pixelfed can be made to show up here without any fettling from me.

A few days ago, we laid my granddad to rest. I took some pictures using my phone and I've edited them with darktable.

Hey friends if you want us to be safe you need to tell us who to block/mute.

Don’t be coy with everyone else’s safety.

@dansup just looking over an older post of mine with two pictures and found them switching between the two.

Have I been incredibly inattentive and that's been around for a while or is it more recent?

The fake feminist site, and anti-Trans #Gab spinoff site #spinster is looking for a few good anti-trans, bigotted ladies to act as Mods.

Note the ideological anti-trans screening listed in this post. And they only want women who have been public about their anti-trans ideology already.

Odd that for a "feminist" site open to all.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw has THE best painting tool ever.
This was done in game, and the roundels and the flag were pngs I easily added to the paint tool.

WWII space fighters are SUPREMELY my shit.

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Can't believe Dutch is a real language. "ziie oot njit dit noot." Fuck does that mean, you Martian?

just watched a mega man 10 video of its music and youtube is now trying to push peppa pig? I am confusion

LOL, I legit have not said one thing to this person since I silenced witchesDOTlove, but somehow, magically, I'm COMBATIVE and AWFUL.

Ha, we're not even trying to make sense anymore.

It's all about making me the Angry Black Guy to distract from an obvious pattern of how she enables people to go after Black and Brown people.

And let's keep it all the way real. 🍊 does the same exact thing.

Issa script. White people cause drama and then blame everyone else for it.

LOL, cause... white.

Some positivity!

I stumbled across the band Chinese Football yesterday and I love them!

Light, cheery, post-hardcore.

If that’s your jam, I’d totes check them out.

Here they are on Spotify.

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