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Man this cartoon is too good for the children it’s intended for

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You know, I was going to watch something on mixer ( yes, people stream there) but the app has signed itself out.

This is really aggravating, this is my phone, there's no gods damned need to log me out damn it, so knock that shit off!

Judge rules Flint residents can sue federal government over water crisis

A federal judge this week said residents of Flint, Mich., can sue the federal government over its response to the city's drinking water crisis.



FOSS developers: My right to create a crappy ass icon in my pixel app trumps your right to have an aesthetically consistent experience.

Regular folks: Ooh, look at macOS! 😍

FOSS developers: why no one use our operating system?

I do all my shitposting in my head, to spare others.

Got battlemech earlier, it's 40% off at good old games. ROBOTS PUNCHING ROBOTS! ALL HAIL THE LEGIO TITANICUS! PRAISE THE OMNISSIAH!

*10 mins before Lucifer fell from Heaven*

Lucifer: I've told you once, I'll tell you a thousand times, the testicles should be on the inside!!!

God: Pfft, next you'll be telling me the uterus shouldn't disintegrate once a month.

Lucifer: I still don't know why you want that!!!

I love technology, but I don't trust it; it does exactly what you tell it to do.

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