Not sure what it is about me, maybe how I was raised, maybe the bullying I saw and also suffered, but when it comes to games that have classes, I always choose the support classes; the healers, the shields, the ones that are inly noticed by their absence.

Same thing for games with "moral" choices, I always pick the good side, no matter how cynical the story or character outlook.

"America has once again proven that a pile of dead bodies is no cause for change and the fact that you’re not sure which issue I’m talking about speaks to the depth of that problem."

-Mikel on twitter

BBC News: Flu virus with 'pandemic potential' found in China 

It's been several months now and still none of the timelines besides home updates.

And I have no idea if the problem is being worked on at all.

I don't like complaining or asking for something, especially when I'm getting it for free, I feel like a scab for doing so.

The last time I raised the issue I did so during the weekend and I think I came off as entitled (which really wasn't my intent) which I don't think helped at all.

And I feel that this just might piss some off as well.

There's a family in the gardens behind us and I don't know what the fuck is going on over there, but they're screeching like crazed bonobo chimps with serrated sticks rammed up their arses.

And I have to have my window open to keep cool which means I hear all this fucking shrieking.

I wish for thunderstorms to drive them inside and shut them the fuck up.

If it weren't because of climate change I'd be enjoying sunny, warm British summers more.

Seen on twitch chat: " No more Netflix and Chill. It’s Hulu and UwU"

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