Legendary cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, the first human to walk in space and later the commander of the Russian Soyuz spacecraft that docked with a NASA Apollo capsule, has died after a long illness, the Russian space agency confirmed Friday. He was 85. spaceflightnow.com/2019/10/11/ twitter.com/SpaceflightNow/sta

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While not my mood today, this probably fits for some of you. :borglove: Stay strong.

It’d be dope if Palestinians were getting the level of mainstream support HK is getting.

How does one sleep? I've somehow managed to do it for 30 years but never figured out how.

~sings~ Mamaaaaa! I just killed a man! Put a peanut to his head; he was allergic, now he's dead!

@Are0h just to give a heads up, my timelines don't update unless I manually refresh

you fuckers are good people. Expect the gab lot. You can drink liquid shit.

If you follow game done quick on twitch, they've started to include the runners (And hosts) pronouns which is great.

Until arseholes complain.

I wish people weren't so disgustingly ignorant of respecting others. Respect pronouns; it makes literally no difference to you

can I say how fucking amazed I am that the destiny 2 migration from blizzard to steam went so smoothly?

I was anticipating so many issues but the only one I came across was the expected day one server meltdown.

Top marks to Bungie.

In a way I dislike that it's only when I'm drunk I can say this, but I really like being on mastodon.

It's not perfect at all, but my instance is led and helped by really fucking awesome people and I'm glad I'm here.

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