I keep forgetting that I have pixelfed as a separate Firefox button on my phone.
I don't forget the Instagram app though.

I really would like a pixelfed app soon.

If we were to ever meet, you'd find me a quiet person.

It's not shyness, if I say little it's not my being rude or disinterested; I simply don't have anything of value or interest to add.

That's me. If I've nothing to say, I say nothing. Silence isn't awful, it's not something to be feared or avoided.

Indeed, I love comfortable silences between people.

Would that more people shared that.

Or at least respect people that wish to say nothing.

Only just got around to listening to caravan palace's newest album and they're still one of the best groups for electroswing in my view.

So for the past two months I was wondering why my voice was loud and clear and the others in my stream were so low in the recording.


I can hear the squelching and mushing and squishing.

Fucking abhorrent.

People that should be yeeted into a furnace: those that chew with their mouths open.

If you want to eat like an animal, then fuck off on up to a farm.

I don't need to hear your moist mastication.

Honestly after a few days, fedilab just seems slower, less responsive and if I had paid for it (it was offered for free a few days ago) I'd have felt it a waste.

That and the fedilab maker is quite comfortable with allowing gab and other nazi shitehawks to use their app.

One big thing I have noticed between tusky and fedilab is that tusky is a lot smoother when scrolling through the timeline.

Has anyone else who has a moto g6 experienced this?

To those that can go to sleep the moment your head hits the pillow, I fucking envy you.

Whenever I try to do so, I never can go to sleep early.

I tend to stay awake up to when I'd normally zonk out anyway.

If i’m the night guard at the Samsung store, does that make me a guardian of the galaxy?

Decided what the hell, it's free, so I downloaded MtG: arena and tried it out.

Only done the tutorial and practise matches against AI but I'm liking it.

I'm liking MtG. Gods help me.

"Task failed successfully" spacex escape test.
The objective was to destroy the rocket and use the escape system.

At around 7pm GMT on twitch.tv/somecall_metim I'll be streaming another 6th CB Arma Operations.

Hang on. Does this mean that after a mass shooting America is restricting gun use?

What a novel idea!

If they did this when school kid were butchered, then there'd be a lot less grieving parents.

hello, here's a useful resource you may be unaware of, it's the first place I go whenever I need any sound effects


it's a library of old BBC sound effects, they're free to use non-commercially, and there's some really great, very specific stuff in there

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