did you all know you're fucking wonderful? because you are

@djsundog excellent. yea.

thats what imma do
when i see him ill report to the TL

there's a techno party and i can hear it from my bed room window but when i go out of my building i cant..hear it

US based artist Mary Mattingly, Pull (2013) performance highlighting issues of sustainability and the relationship between people and personal belongings #womensart t.co/kHU6SBETHn

Harlem Renaissance sculptor Augusta Savage working on a sculpture in New York, 1938, photographed by Hansel Mieth, German-born photojournalist #womensart

#BHM t.co/5CmZGwJtAU

Portia Wounding her Thigh,1664 by Italian Baroque painter Elisabetta Sirani who established an academy for other female artists. Her subject here, mythical Portia, is supposed to have wounded herself to show her strength of will #womensart t.co/sP5JsqIfsT

#Haiti | Authorities detained five #US citizens, one Serbian, one Russian and one Haitian with #firearms ammunition, satellite communication equipment, drones and other military accessories in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. telesurenglish.net/news/Haiti-

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@Are0h yo, all them other motherfuckers can get the ice

although i really like Ayra (?) chickie w lil sword

@Are0h no, they don't do in house fucking therefore
im a stan

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