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Thinking about finding ways to express myself and my identity without the fear of governments tracking

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*scrolling through mastodon*
I don't know this fucking tech shit

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Ok i need to learn this lil stylus. Weird using this. Will get better.

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I really dig how this is turning out. I think I finally have all of the options for my post editor working, so now I can plug it in to the other sections to edit text.

And I'm really glad I changed the color palette. It pops like good [**SIGNAL DROP**]

The fediverse force. In case you didn't catch that

I got my tablet on its way to being totally functional for what I need.

The temptation to install a masto app thobis high. I don't wanna distract myself while working but..

The force

Too strong

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Oh shit. I think just figured out how to implement plugin functionality for Fipamo.

Thanks vodka...

My page is coming along nicely imo. I am doing my best to provide content consistently.


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“The inside of the tune (the bridge) is the part that makes the outside sound good. This has to do with certain mathematical and physical concepts … you dig?”

-- from Monk! (Thelonius, Pannonica, and the Friendship Behind a Musical Revolution), by Youssef Daoudi, page 291


#MusicCollab #music

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