Hey hey everyone! I'm starting a side project podcast! This is going to be an audio archive of the record keeping of my performance work & and investigating my relationship as a Boricua in the city of Barcelona (particularly to monuments)

I could use some assistance in getting the pod set up so if you're able to fund some indie art that would be appreciated :)


I didn't post for
This pic has a sound track. Screaming Jay Hawkins
I put A Spell On You


Here is ya boi as drawn (WIP) by the IMPECCABLE @denikombucha

Me waiting for inspiration to hit so I can make my next film/performance

I got a lot going on but I did manage to get the new video in my homepage on the website

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I start my day with a massive list of shit I got to do

and most of the time I'm just

Also, post on Patreon soon be up with some extended writing on it.

For you non Patrons here is a still from an upcoming short film

and a throwback

To the Janelle Monae concert in Chicago with my BFF

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