That flag has started a super demeaning discussion now

'oh it would be from pv'

Imagine hating when Blk non binary and Trans folks advocate for themselves and get demeaned for it.

BLK Trans women are no longer w us a rate we can't understand. No one on here talks about it.

It's too much and I don't have the bandwidth and now this.

Ppl are treating that flag post w such VIM

And without the slightest bit of irony are WP discussing where and how Blk and POC should be represented on the flag. 'here's ur corner, now shut up'

@ArtistMarciaX i'm guessing no apologies materialized for you, even after i pointed out i'm not the one to apologize to 🙄 strange that i get the apology but not the person actually slighted ffs

i'm sorry. I get you on why you don't attach to any of this and as an extension this is also why I don't vibe with 'nonbinary' as a whole like i was saying earlier.

@popstar canageek did apoligise, it's on their timeline

@ArtistMarciaX 👍 stuff's so confusing on here I figured it worth mentioning since it was actually something concrete I'd seen myself. Hope you're all right. White people doing their thing again :( the flag's great, don't let 'em take it from you

@popstar well the person that started the hoopla said my apologies, but their partner has just deleted their angrier in tone posts about the flag with no apology to me.

Which like.. hmm
Links to my post were put out there, and ppl are just responding to it w disgust and sarcasm “ofc its pv”

So..ppl are ok w potentially sending me harassment on top of publicly humiliating a Blk non binary person

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