If you talk abt anti-blackness you owe your familiarity of the word to @so_treu on twitter/tumblr. Period.

"And again β€” the U.S. State Dept was legit keeping tabs on my Antiblackness is a Theory page. And this was during the Obama years, the backlash we got for making this shit widely available was REAL.

To continue:
β€’ Part of the backlash for those of us doing this work was getting smeared as too angry, too radical, too uncontrollable, too much a threat to certain networks, i.e. the ACTUAL gatekeepers.

β€’ Meanwhile, our words and work get seized on by folks who didn't do the actual reading and didn't actually engage with the resources we made available – they instead water down, appropriate, and regurgitate our work.

β€’ And because those folks were whiter, lighter, less radical, less queer, less troublesome, more willing to let bullshit go – guess who managed to make money, careers, and clout off of our watered down analysis? While we still struggle to be recognized for our original work.

β€’ That is, we struggle to be recognized AND COMPENSATED for our work. Meanwhile folks are making whole careers speaking at colleges based on some shit we said back in 2015.

I think it's funny how, as the economy contracts, folks who don't know how to do anything but present watered down work as theirs are kicking up a fuss about not being able to understand the people they make their living on stealing from. πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

But I don't believe most of y'all when you complain that Black academics don't do enough to make things accessible. Cause I've seen how y'all treat the ones who do

And honestly lot of this "academic language is inaccessible" discourse is nothing more than plagiarizers and clout chasers campaigning for job security.

Cause they don't do the reading or the analysis, but they rely on those of us who do, & they rely on us being simple enough for them to understand us.

Full thread from May 21

So Treu has a patreon that could always use more subscribers.

There are many indie scholars that have BEEN doing this work w blood and sweat. Literally

Here's how you can support me and my work!!!!$sotreu

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