@ArtistMarciaX Just watched this, sorry I missed BWIF earlier today. It's going to take a while (and maybe a few more viewings) to process but thank you for making it. I was here in SF when the Lusty Lady unionized, and then when they became a co-op, and when they closed. It certainly felt like the end of an era then.

@ArtistMarciaX I also sent it to a friend of mine who is not on the fedverse, I think she would be interested to see it

@pagrus thank you!!! IDK of the Lusy lady, but ill pass this to erica, might be good for their archival work

@ArtistMarciaX She mentions The Lusty Lady but it's not clear to me if that was another example of whiteness being centered at the expense of black and brown workers or an example of beneficial collective action. Maye both? I don't remember many nonwhite appearing dancers at the LL, and the people I knew there were all ww

@ArtistMarciaX whoa this is amazing, i had no idea about sex worker strikes, thank you for making it!

@ArtistMarciaX this really broadened my idea of what sex work is and gave me a lot to think about. Will have to watch again coz so much in the short film. Thanks for making and sharing.

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