Stop framing the USA as the singular point of police terror against Blk ppl, particularly saying 'its the only western country w such a problem'
a blk british man was tazed in front of his child & i promise you that left a mark on that baby. its on video.

I know a lot of ppl want to pretend their countries don't have an issue w antiblackness and police terrorizing blk communities bc yalls police dont have guns or whatever but i'm here to tell you, you're wrong.

read a book

@ArtistMarciaX I hope it's okay to add on this: The most infamous case in Germany was/is the murder of Oury Jalloh and it has an English Wiki article so may be more accessible for people not speaking German but claiming Germany is fine

cw for the link: graphical description of death by fire
It's incomplete but better than nothing


How do you feel about the use of BME/BAME in the UK? I think it's a useful keyword for talking about racism, but serves a similar role to the term POC in erasing the violence done particularly to black britons.

@zzz you said it

also, im not a blk brit so i feel a bit funky weighing in.i will say that uk's political blackness is a very violent tool that needs to continue to be interrogated.

bc when white adjacent/mestize latines can move to UK and claim that term is...stressful.

i think these terms served in some way our elders but its not working for us now. we should acknowledge that history and move forward since were developing new lang for our experiences


I understand the apprehension especially as White American in UK. It's just when I think about things the Windrush scandal, it's hard not to see it through the lens of anti-black violence. But probably the best thing to do is follow the lead of black brits and how they are framing the issues.

@zzz exactly

i was there for almost 10 yrs and made many blk british friends. their stories have been crucial for me

@ArtistMarciaX The flipside to American exceptionalism. We suck, but we're not alone in that.

@ArtistMarciaX I've lived in Canada my whole life. We brag a lot about being better than the US but, even though I'm not a PoC, seeing how racist and violent our police force can be is still disarmingly easy.

Just an example:
French here.
We definitively have police harassing specifically black people. They are segregated due to economic factors. All the racism is well alive in this pedantic country of mine


There's a lot of ways to kill without guns, French police for example can be very creative 🙃

@ArtistMarciaX I'm in Sweden. A few years ago, a video leaked from a cop van, where one of them called a bunch of kids "fucking monkeys" (I'm unsure of their exact skin colour, but sure of hair colour. In Sweden, that's quite enough to get targeted). It got a bit of attention, but not the kind that changes anything.

The racism towards afroswedes here is so deeply ingrained in our culture, a lot of people don't even realize it's there.
But it gets quite visible in the cops' actions sometimes.

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