If i had a podcast again would you rather listen to

@ArtistMarciaX Strong tie between all three. Do you need to pick only one?


In the spirit of being up to 10% less demanding for the new decade, I emphasize that it need not be all the everything in a single episode.

@ArtistMarciaX im not going to formally vote because i don't know what i'd pick, they're all good subjects.
ideally i'm more interested in the latter but i also think interviewing artists could be quite insightful if not as insightful as both of those topics combined if their work incorporates philosophy or is inspired in a way by it

@ArtistMarciaX I voted for one coz polls are fun, but I would alao echo the other folks saying that if it's possible to move btwn/intertwine these topics I think that would be really worthwhile too!

@ArtistMarciaX went w/philosophy but fine art is a close CLOSE second

@ArtistMarciaX I think they're all intertwined subjects so like most of the commenters I'm going with "all 3," but I chose interviews because 1) I think interviews are a vital means to explore the other two and 2) interviews are very suited to the podcast format.

@lj_writes mmmm yes yes. i did a podcast that was interview based, and idk if i myself am enough for a radio show like podcast. so this is something to consider and think about

@ArtistMarciaX @lj_writes PV vs Everybody needs to be out in the universe.

And it'll be ready when you are.


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