Look, y'all can't get mad about being called 'white' and 'techbro' and then turn around and try to tell us words don't mean anything.

Y'all kno perfectly damn well that they do. Step your shit up and with your chest just say you don't care, innit

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you lot are so used to never dealing with racialization in a way that is hypervisible or named.

Whiteness is so prevalent that it is invisible to you, whilst for others..not so much. We know a lot more about you, than you do about us. That is how dominant culture & racial hierarchies work.

You think being called white must be an insult bc you think being black & us being called black is an insult. (SPOILER: It's not)
You're white & create a tech based culture fueled by phobias.


again, white techbros on here that complain abt needing to think and adjust their language dont have the range

just the inherited wealth, loose cash and access.

@brandon dont have the knowledge or experience required to actually engage in a topic, don't pass the min requirements

@brandon do the research, read, listen and listen.

i think at this point the internet is too vast for ppl to not have started to learn.

@brandon theres no start to finish, this is everyday work, constant.

for us all

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