My tweets regarding :better_pride:​ from 2017:

Same white gays crying over not being centered in talks abt Pulse don't want Black/Latin ppl anyways. We're not citizens to you ppl anyways

Be upset abt Pulse, but remember who died there. Black ppl. Latinxs. Boricuas.
Reminder for tomorrow when u go back to not giving a fuck

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I ask aka EXPECT that online/print magazines make sure that Puerto Rican LGBTQA+ are a part of your Pulse articles. BC they werent before
What I saw in the UK media re Pulse was a whitewashed examination of the incident. "BBC timid to say it was gay victims" Bullshit
Never heard anyone on the radio ONCE talk abt the fact that Black/Latinx/AfroLatinxs were the ones who were killed that night.

@ArtistMarciaX this seems to be a wider issue in international press. Not once did I see this mentioned in German media, either, for instance.
I feel like the fact that it was mostly LGBTQIA* Black & Latinx victims does not compute bc of the double prejudice of LGBTQIA* folks being mostly white & Black pple & Latinx being especially homophobic. Which is super frustrating.

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