@ArtistMarciaX I personally like the short sweet nature of #Wenbiesday
#TransTuesday has a nice alliteration to it, and I'm really tryin to get #ButchThursday off the ground because butches aren't masc, fem, or necessarily enbie.

@Wewereseeds @ArtistMarciaX why have #Wenbiesday once a week, though, when you could have #NonBinaryNoon _every_ day? 😅

@tethre @Wewereseeds yea i also thought about that lol

Either way I think having these moments during the week are great for ppl. It's a community event !

@tethre @ArtistMarciaX oooo never heard of #NonbinaryNoon and personally, I could never take that many selfies. I like just havin a whole day for it, whenever you get around to it

@Wewereseeds @ArtistMarciaX You may have never heard of it because we just made it up 😄

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