I left birdsite a year ago because it's moderation is terrible and drives away queer folk, women, people of color, etc. I honestly have no clue if the fediverse is better or if those problems here are just less talked-about.

Can someone recommend a queer-friendly instance led by women of color?

@benj_red toot.cat *had* a black woman admin when they launched but she left, idk

@LogicalDash huh, I wonder what was the story there? Maybe nothing, but...

@LogicalDash @benj_red im +1ing PlayVicious here; *easily* one the dopest, wokest, and most welcoming instance on the fediverse.
And @ArtistMarciaX is awesome!
Highly recommend


@somarasu @LogicalDash @benj_red Hey Hey! late to the convo (I had class) but hi! Marcia at your fedi services.
I'm a mostly kind and generous boi of color :) and PV is lovely

Thanks for shouting me out lads!

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