I react to money. Bc I can eat. I can pay my rent and bills and I can sustain my practice.

I'll read the article yes, but there seems to be a surge in articles discussing why artists are poor for this or that reason.

We are often POOR bc people DO NOT VALUE ARTISTS they just want the product. Capitalism is a killer of culture and art.

We see a lot of examples of clients telling makers that they are too expensive.

You're asking for a person to pay for materials and take a lot of time to make something. "Its cheaper here" yea bc its made with shit and by a machine.

fuck off.

@ArtistMarciaX Pfft. My dopamine whatevers don't react much to money, either, but as a software engineer, I don't think that's had much of an impact on my income.

@benhamill @ArtistMarciaX guessing it's not going to be long before the "for exposure" crowd adds "the reason i'm stiffing you is because science" to their pathetic list of excuses and micro/macroaggressions

@ArtistMarciaX this just seems like another excuse to underpay/manipulate artists...same line of thinking as "do it for exposure"

@ctrlaltdog Yes. Exposure is like zero contract hours and internships.

Only works for a certain few that come with semi wealthy families and generational wealth

@ctrlaltdog also, this article and the way the study is framed, also shit.

My studies show that journalists these days on some of these art sites don't actually know how to report.


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Artist's dopamine centers are activated only by an alternative currency called "exposure".

@theoutrider @artistmarciax Also what the actual fuck, _no one_ is "hardwired" to like money! It's not a thing that exists, it's a learned reaction, applicable in capitalism only!

@ArtistMarciaX Sorry, that was to the people who say "oooh if you do art you don't caaaare about the money if you're a real artist."

@StaleWhiteBread Yea, tbh, it came off super odd. So I do appreciate it. Truly.

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