What I appreciate about being is that ppl are actually abt putting out content that is meant to be engaged with, bc ppl here actually engage.

Birdland is a haven for ppl putting out (often terrible) hot takes in order for their content to be mined, or to go viral bc they think that will get them some sort of access and the ever so coveted 'clout'.

That being said, I think rules of engagement that have been created over the last few years, apply here too.

And I have stated before, but it still applies, going through toots (via hashtags) and then dumping your negativity or opinion on someones toot...whilst not looking at their history or work, is a sure fire way to getting blocked or ignored.

Bc you're not engaging. I know you think you are but you're not. You're like a cat out in the garden marking something and then just walking away.

@ArtistMarciaX I think that's a major reason why there's such an issue with theft on the bird site. People are so concerned with going viral and getting the most tweets as possible (and then following it up with "btw here's a link to my soundcloud") that the quality of content feels so... rushed and half-baked

@guerrillablack 100000000% this.

I lost my nerve yesterday after the Ape shit video came out. Bc all these ahistorical threads about the canon of classical art and how it relates to Blk artistic production.

If ppl would let things marinate, they could be on the right and correction side of the discourse. They're more concerned with notifications than actual discussion.

@ArtistMarciaX this might just be an effect of mastodon being a relatively young and small network, that would go away if the underlying technology was actually adopted at scale as a twitter replacement.

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