I'm thinking about using crowdfunding and or patreon to fund my films that require travel, a bit more gear, paying others, etc.

Any or on here have experience with this?

Back in the USA, and I'm still unfamiliar with how grants for the arts work. So in the meantime...

@artistmarciax This isn't really a new endeavour, unless you have some niche type of film-making that you can do. Otherwise there is already a glut of travel vloggers out there.
I think that if you were in this for at least a few years earlier you may be able to carve out a niche. #travel Although while crowdfunding it may be a good idea to also link previous examples of work (for the record, I don't know your work, just saw your toot from # search)

@hcs I'm not a travel vlogger, nor do I wish to be.

I make films as part of my fine art practice. But I can't afford it all out of pocket, and therefore I'd like to try to use crowdfunding & Patreon to help support my work.

If that gives any more clarity

@artistmarciax OK.  Well, I've had grants in from work.  Basically, I got it from connections where they talked about how they needed to dispense a grant (local government) and they thought my work would be aligned with the grant motives.

With grants, it comes down to timing - not just deadlines but if your work is in line with the motives. If you have some connections with grant bodies or work with someone familiar with grant writing (who would also have connections) that would also be useful.
@artistmarciax For Patreon, I have not done it myself but from a donation perspective, I've seen some Patreon pages or callouts where the artist does not know how to communicate themselves and their work when fundraising or looking for advice.  They assume that the viewer/reader already knows all about them, so they fail to communicate why they need X for Y to the new visitors or potential patrons. In social media, assume that attention is sharded & I worked in digital marketing for some time...
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