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Hi, I've created 6 popular tags on here like #fediblock. I have written books, zines, & self host my own subscription service for content. I'm also dealing w ppl's antiblackness daily here.

I'm a mod at PV so ofc I see & deal w a lot of shit on here.

You can subscribe, donate to my gofundme, or if you've been antiblack to me in the past, you can run me my check for dealing w your shit and give me an apology. Your choice :blobcatsmug:​

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Crowdfunding for PhD admin fees 

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From the Archive-July Content Preview 

From the Archive-July Content Preview 

Tonari no To to ro Totoro To to ro Totoro!!!!

Mori no naka ni Mukashi kara ​sunderu

:bloboro:​ :bloboro:​ :bloboro:​

If you're thinking about becoming a subscriber, between today and the last day of the month I am accepting subscriptions for Aug. July is now closed.

"There has yet to be a non blk artist that makes work about racism, specifically anti-black racism, that ever makes a lick of sense or lands the way the artist wants it to do. The lived experience, the care, the nuance just aren’t there. But also, and this is especially true in the case for white male artists, they’re the ones that get the fellowships, the residencies w the 5 figures, the big shows [sic] All at the continued appropriation, expense and mis/ab-use of Black bodies and history." AMX

If you want to be a July patrΓ³n I've decided to extend the last subscription date until tomorrow!!

yoooo solo queerrΓ­Γ­Γ­Γ­a
verlas convertidas

en mujer gigante


yooooo solo
ser el primero ver
mujer giganttee


learning about this work flow is good but also I just stay super confused but we move

Beauty/Makeup Things hot take 

Beauty/Makeup Things 

My friend Kazumi was a part of a music stream yesterday (7 hrs long !!!)

So cool!and yes, i fast forwarded to her part


I think we can all agree that coffee is really that bitch and the one thing this cursed site agrees on

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