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All of my reboosts just to remind you:

The North (aka PV) Remembers

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is starting as of today. I prefer they pronouns, I'm androgynous, sometimes seen as femme. What can I say, I like to paint my face at times.


If you I wanna see ya selfies so hit me with them.
This is meant for anyone who feels like they want to participate, and if you don't feel comfy that's ok too. No judgement. Do you :)

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re: Frontera Verde (Green Frontier) S1 E1 Show more

re: Frontera Verde (Green Frontier) S1 E1 Show more

re: Frontera Verde (Green Frontier) S1 E1 Show more

Frontera Verde (Green Frontier) S1 E1 Show more

Frontera Verde (Green Frontier) S1 E1 Show more

Frontera Verde (Green Frontier) S1 E1 Show more

Well since I have some down time until I get notified regarding PhD or not...

I'm going to watch a Colombian show here on netflix called Green Frontier. A ver lo q pasa

I need an app that helps you put together a daily routine that includes your work schedule, meal times, skin care routine, etc

@ginny has been working with #Funkwhale for more than 6 months now.

She helped designing new features, spin up our collective, maintaining our blog, ensuring our community is welcoming and safe, and plenty other things.

If you value the work we're doing with Funkwhale, please, please, consider subscribing to her Patreon. Any amount helps!

Thank you ❀️

Good morning/afternoon/evening

I am going to the park to read ^__^

Happy Sunday!

Good morning friends! A muzzy, mild sleepy-eyed morning, layered veils of milky cloud smudging the sun into a vague hot white blur. The maple is beginning to smoulder crimson at the leaf-tips, firework-exuberant against its central canopy still stolidly green.

Today a trip–we're heading out to a queer picnic event on a relative whim. If all goes well my growing stamina will help us enjoy a longer more social outing–trying to pace myself already.

May we nurture & be nurtured by community today!

So I am looking at the last forms for the PhD app and idk what it is, but I am finding myself unable to comprehend what needs to be filled in by me or others.

Some things just aint user/reader friendly. grumbles


how come there arent any of those obnoxious shirts for capricorns with like skulls and shit on them?

"yes, i was born in January, yes I fuck and Im also incredibly smart. i hate being in public, but that doesn't mean we cant be friends. please don't interact with me"

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