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Hi, I've created 6 popular tags on here like #fediblock. I have written books, zines, & self host my own subscription service for content. I'm also dealing w ppl's antiblackness daily here.

I'm a mod at PV so ofc I see & deal w a lot of shit on here.

You can subscribe, donate to my gofundme, or if you've been antiblack to me in the past, you can run me my check for dealing w your shit and give me an apology. Your choice :blobcatsmug:โ€‹

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Crowdfunding for PhD admin fees 

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Good afternoon friends! White flat mist of clouds slowly gathering again but for now light is still clearโ€“crisp & golden. Enough fair warm days that there's been a lush resurgence of undergrowth, a new explosion of dock leaves & bramble.

Another unexpectedy rough morningโ€“sore & worn out w/aching joints. I think I should be being a bit more careful, but hard to take an 'unscheduled' rest day when I finally have enough energy to draw.

May we find a sense of patience & balance in our lives today!

"charismatic faux-leftist bigot" sure is a whole ass category of people

moderators, admins, what resources would you recommend to learn about community/online moderation (how to do it, basic stuff to know, which tools to use, etc) ?

Btw, my friends and I have been doing a 6-part podcast series for anyone who might want to get a job in tech support

Listen! Share!

Blakely is trying to learn Spanish

Stop talking to them in English


you don't have to "be better" to us in a way that implies fictive kinship that for me personally is non-existent

you need to divest from white supremacy as an ideology that simultaneously harms you at the same time it perpetually harms qtpoc folks

it reeks too heavily of the kitchen table analogy that's foundational in black feminism:

namely, the assumption that white feminists are inviting feminists of color to the table and thereby control the means of hospitality. and this invitation is the reason for being anti-racist

as opposed to divesting in an ideology that is constitutive of patriarchy, which in turns requires building power horizontally as opposed to top-down

you may have come to social media as a means of deconstructing your own investment in white supremacy

but collective investment in white supremacy was fomented long before someone decided a toot was distinguishable from a tweet

I just want white people on social media to be honest about the fact that ideological investment in white supremacy (passive, active, or otherwise) PREDATES your individual social media usage, let alone social media itself

I can understand why the more tinged with Anglo blood,. the more adamantly my colored and colorless sisters glorify their colored culture's values-to offset the extreme devaluation of it by the white culture. It's a legitimate
reaction. But I will not glorify those aspects of my culture which
have injured me and which have injured me in the name of
protecting me.

Anzaldรบa to Latines

will it really take the end of western modernity for y'all to understand that you're not the center of the universe?

God, i hope not

but i surely ain't holding my breath either

I've head "white queers, we need to do better" in reference to engaging qtpoc folks for literally ten years at this point

contrary to what Dan Savage used to claim, it has not, in fact, gotten better.

it's gotten worse

and really, it speaks to how white people weaponize erasure as opposed to actually constructing a formidable, good faith conversation, let alone critique

your philosophical ancestors are rolling in their graves

but go awf with the racist assumptions.......

but the default assumption that all the white people are queer, disabled, neurodivergent, etc

and the rest of us aren't

isn't new

it just keep migrating platforms

i remember the time of terrible thinkpieces where QTPOC folks *tried* to convince white people that "yes, we do exist"

so i'm keenly aware of how white queers assume QTPOC don't exist, save for convenience or cultural theft

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