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Hey hey everyone! I'm starting a side project podcast! This is going to be an audio archive of the record keeping of my performance work & and investigating my relationship as a Boricua in the city of Barcelona (particularly to monuments)

I could use some assistance in getting the pod set up so if you're able to fund some indie art that would be appreciated :)

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I'm Artist Marcia X [they>she]
Chitown, Caribbean, AfroIndigenous artist here! My work includes film, performance, installation & painting. I create art around what I call the existential cultural crisis Femmes experience living in the Diaspora.

Currently putting together a film ( @RebelleTheFilm ), working towards a PhD, & post regularly here:

Also, I moderate here at PV.Social so my POC join the party BRAP BRAP BRAP! we suffer NO fools here

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is starting as of today. I prefer they pronouns, I'm androgynous, sometimes seen as femme. What can I say, I like to paint my face at times.


If you I wanna see ya selfies so hit me with them.
This is meant for anyone who feels like they want to participate, and if you don't feel comfy that's ok too. No judgement. Do you :)

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there's a techno party and i can hear it from my bed room window but when i go out of my building i cant..hear it

US based artist Mary Mattingly, Pull (2013) performance highlighting issues of sustainability and the relationship between people and personal belongings #womensart

Harlem Renaissance sculptor Augusta Savage working on a sculpture in New York, 1938, photographed by Hansel Mieth, German-born photojournalist #womensart


Portia Wounding her Thigh,1664 by Italian Baroque painter Elisabetta Sirani who established an academy for other female artists. Her subject here, mythical Portia, is supposed to have wounded herself to show her strength of will #womensart

#Haiti | Authorities detained five #US citizens, one Serbian, one Russian and one Haitian with #firearms ammunition, satellite communication equipment, drones and other military accessories in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti.

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i know it’s pices season because all i wanted to listen to today was dan bern and ben folds five

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This headline feels ominous and...well

ReBoost: For years, Spain had held out against the trend of populist parties coming into power across Europe. But now the right-wing Vox party shares power in Spain's largest region.

in her honor, read (and BUY) her books. listen to her speak. she's one of the most profound thinkers and teachers of our time. she has suffered. she's worked. it's necessary for us to listen.

im doing mind mapping for my thesis bc in the last few days things have changed. has given us some tools for large scale mapping and they are so helpful

this is where I wish there were polls on here lol. but alas. respond public or privately

If I start a podcast about being a Boricua en Barcelona, performance art and slave monuments, would you listen if it was just me talking or would you want me to have guests very often?

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