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All of my reboosts just to remind you:

The North (aka PV) Remembers

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is starting as of today. I prefer they pronouns, I'm androgynous, sometimes seen as femme. What can I say, I like to paint my face at times.


If you I wanna see ya selfies so hit me with them.
This is meant for anyone who feels like they want to participate, and if you don't feel comfy that's ok too. No judgement. Do you :)

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Idk who needs to hear this today, but: Loving yourself as much as you love other people is praxis. You are a people deserving of good things too!

@dankwraith i love people who want to speak to your manager about posting, like, this isn't fucking twitter, we're all people here

hey y'all, lemme flip a chair around for a second

if i'm ever doing a bit that you don't like, like it's not offensive, you're just tired of a running gag or a livetoot or something, you don't have to jump in my mentions about it! the mute button is free, and it's a great tool for when you're not ready to unfollow someone, you're just tired of their schtick or something

it might feel mean but it's a lot more prosocial move than telling someone what to talk about. anyway thanks :blobcatflower:

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Good afternoon friends! A grim grey start to the day so far, walking into bitter little icicle spikes of windblown rain. The streams have doubled their width, churning & roaring, climbing up their banks until they're near level w/the pathways.

A second successful mission around the reservoir, hopefully a once a week or so will help build up my stamina. Lingering slow malaise from travel & cold, but still I'm making progress.

may we treat each other & ourselves w/kindness & compassion today!

My 15yo kid just came out to me tonight as trans male. In order to be more supportive, I would really like some feedback from other trans folks on how to assist or better understand this process, especially on how that works today vs 30 years ago.

Caveat- I had a parent who is trans, but this isn't the same kind of relationship. I would actually be assisting my minor child in this change, so that makes me a more active participant in the process.

Feel free to boost. #trans



What kind of mother fucking SAVAGE arrests the CHURRO LADIES??

And fuck De Blasio for saying that shit is cool.

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Adriana Salvatierra, legitimate President of the Bolivian Senate declares after entering the National Assembly @Adriana1989sa: After the attack we suffered we don't have guarantees to develop our job at the parliament.

Screenreader friendly version of the poster:
We're having a Star Wars film marathon across the fediverse!
You're invited to watch along with us and join in with the #StarWarsFedi hashtag. If you're not interested, you may want to mute it. If you're extra interested, follow it!
We will be watching the films by pressing play at exactly 6PM GMT on the following dates, which is 10AM PDT, 12PM CDT, 7PM CET
The dates we will be watching each film are in the next toot. (1/2)

So glad we had our co-host @ArtistMarciaX joining us again for Revenge of the Sith, it was a real journey.
Spread the word for the next films, because it can only get better from there!

Well, that's the Anakin Crywanker trilogy over yay! πŸŽ‰
We can get onto the really good stuff next! Rogue One: A #StarWarsFedi Story starts at the same time, next monday! Don't miss out xoxox

I know Anakin on the operating table shouldn't make me crave BBQ...yet we live in a fallen world, so here I am

If you're like me, you forget stuff if you don't write it down.

So here's a calendar for

Download, subscribe, etc, etc

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