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All of my reboosts just to remind you:

The North (aka PV) Remembers

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I'm Artist Marcia X [they>she]
Chitown, Caribbean, AfroIndigenous artist here! My work includes film, performance, installation & painting. I create art around what I call the existential cultural crisis Femmes experience living in the Diaspora.

Currently putting together a film ( @RebelleTheFilm ), working towards a PhD, & post regularly here:

Also, I moderate here at PV.Social so my POC join the party BRAP BRAP BRAP! we suffer NO fools here

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is starting as of today. I prefer they pronouns, I'm androgynous, sometimes seen as femme. What can I say, I like to paint my face at times.


If you I wanna see ya selfies so hit me with them.
This is meant for anyone who feels like they want to participate, and if you don't feel comfy that's ok too. No judgement. Do you :)

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houston would be NOTHING without the black snd latinx communities

no matter what white folks in the heights want to tell you

#LIVE | DPRK's Foreign Minister:
"We condemn the aggression of the U.S. against our Nations, we must respect the constitutional order of each country"

#LIVE | Surinam's Foreign Minister:
"We must work for international respect, we reject coercive actions against Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, who will be the victim tomorrow? The Caribbean is always willing to support dialogue"

just tried watching another video on hawai'i history and just got annoyed so moving on

Exactly how much of the northern hemisphere is *not* having a heatwave this month, anyway? 🔥

@trwnh @brainblasted

Yeah, if you're up for that kind of work, I say go for it. But most of the people yammering on and on about free speech have no intention of stepping in unless it's to tell the Nazis' opponents to be nicer. :/

People talk like blocking fascists automatically turns any space into an "echo chamber". The fediverse we've built up over the years is proof of the contrary. I've learned and grown through this place. I've been able to apply that knowledge in real life. We've got something real here, and I think it's with fighting to preserve.

**The fake Twitter accounts influencing the Gulf crisis**

"The blockade of Qatar, led by Saudi Arabia, has seen a slew of fake accounts open up and attempt to sway public opinion."

#news #bot

The killer of Heather Heyer, James Alex Fields, Jr. , just caught two life sentences for her murder, but yeah, it's just words on the internet.

Listening to white people like this will get people killed.

based on all the spammer and gab bullshit lately, I just wanna give a big shout out to all the instance admins and mods who are blocking people and instances left and right and doing their best to protect their users. yall the mvps

Meta, yesterday Show more

"they were nice to me" is a back to front way of saying 'Im not a target of their abuse"

bc a lot of other ppl talked to this person and were never treated w the vitriol sent at me.

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