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What began as a conversation about targeted communities dealing with violence morphed into some random person trying to interject their completely irrelevant perspective on how communities should respond as meekly as possible and then I'm in the wrong because I reject that premise as it not only puts us in even more danger, but also does nothing to deal with said violence.

Dr. MLK Jr. was on the money when he said white 'moderates' were the biggest obstacle to progress.

Let me be clear.

Preaching non-violence to communities that are under constant threat of racist, bigoted and hateful violence is siding with bigots. You are protecting people that are causing harm.

If this thought clashes with your personal ethics, then your personal ethics allow bigots to continue to harm people with no consequence.

You are a part of the problem.

You ever notice how white people and their tokens always 'advise' to 'respond with love' or say 'you're not the only one to go through this' or 'it's not that bad', etc every time senseless violence is visited upon our communities?

These people are not your friend.

After voters in Idaho passed Medicaid expansion by 61 percent, some state lawmakers are trying to make the process for putting citizen-driven initiatives on the ballot more difficult.

Hey there!

So I have a new addiction - it's ( I LOVE simulation games and this one has me so hooked. There's no real guidance - you just stumble upon things so you gotta pay attention. I think I'm going to start streaming it every Sunday (I say that all the time lol)

Pay attention to those that are still trying to pay devil's advocate in the face of tragedy.

They are telling you what they are.

Another instance added to the garbage pile 

Another nazi instance - admins should block/defederate 

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Let me quickly explain why the Christchurch mosque shooting affects many of us, not just Muslim communities. If the shooter's manifesto and social media feed are accurate, he was inspired by a right wing ideological infrastructure that thrives, recruits and radicalizes online 1/


PewDiePie is 'sickened', but he's not going to turn down the subscribers he gets from an act of terrorism though, is he?

Kind of speaks for itself.

Students across the country are skipping school Friday for the "U.S. Youth Climate Strike" β€” a protest to call for more action to address climate change.

Today is hard day for a lot of people. Err on the side of compassion and understanding. Go out of your way to be a safe space today.

Black and Brown people should definitely arm themselves.

Platforms are normalizing rhetoric that enables hateful violence and then a majority of media channels are simply refusing to look at the obvious connections between mass shootings.

Non-violence isn't an option when your opponent doesn't have a conscience.

We have policy that harms sex workers. We have policy that puts children in cages.

But of course, WE DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO when it comes to racists repeating the same violent behavior in broad daylight.

Do you see it?

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