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How many mass shooters have originated on platforms that simply refuse to be accountable for allowing violent racists and bigots to foment around their views for a few clicks.

White supremacy, gun attack, online 

Shitposting, Inspirational Terrorism, and the Christchurch Mosque Massacre 



Girlfriend wanted to learn to skate so this happened lol (wait till end).

Oh snap. The Leftovers is a science fiction story. Nifty.

Super hype about getting my new game machine next week.

Feel free to throw any Steam keys my way. I want all the gamezz.

Ok, I'm going to try to keep Fallout 4 mod use under 100.

What, don't look at me like that. I am, damn it.

fwiw i'm glad this is being discussed. "break them up!" is a pleasantly aggressive first step toward a nuanced solution

You gotta believe in something. Why not yourself?


Always seek peace, but if they come for you, burn the whole mother fucking village to the ground.


Ha, yes Universe. I'm glad I switched back to Sublime Text too. Thanks, homie.

#UnitedStates | A new #study showed that minority populations in the U.S. experience the effects of #pollution more than the amount they cause, as opposed to white people, who experience less pollution than what they cause. #AirPollution #Environment

LOL, so Far Cry went full WE'RE ALL BAD like Bioshock Infinite huh?

I'll just stick with murdering bigots in Mafia III.

Progress is everyone being able to fail upward.

How sad does your life have to be that you have to review bomb a film you haven’t even seen yet because it stars a women.

And these same fools cry about not being able to find someone that wants to date them.

UBI without rent control / massive subsidized housing programs should be called Universal Landlord Income

Thinking about writing a fan fic based on my next Fallout 4 play through.

A former Enclave engineer is the only surviving member of her group that traveled to the East Coast to investigate rumors of mysterious technology think tank simply called The Institute in the hopes she can form a partnership with them.

But her travels exposes her to life outside of the Enclave and all of the horrors that the organization caused and/or enabled.

The Utah Jazz comes through with the surprise and bans the fan that got into with Russell Westbrook for life.

Definitely wasn't expecting that.

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