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So hey, folks in the US, be careful what you eat right now, since our food isn't being inspected. We're already seeing an uptick of tests for salmonella and e.coli at the lab I work for.

also younger me: It's just like not fair that women get more options in clothing

me now: *stares into the camera*

Currently reading Archive of Hate: Ethics of Care in the Preservation of Ugly Histories

particularly talks about the Reveal Digital Hate in America collection of KKK newspapers...

"The KKK newspaper collection should never have left the drawing board without inviting anti-racist activists, critical race theorists, historians of race, and librarians of color to the table."

Could today be the day I finally sit down and be cool and play Stardew Valley?

Hey hey,
New post on Patreon for $10+ Machete Patrons!
"As with all performance or fine art works, especially where the racialized and gendered body is present, I carefully tread on my own concepts that may suggest my own body is a site of or for violence. An object that is not able to be humanized but instead served easily for audiences that have enjoyed artworks whose sole purpose is to participate in the violent pornography and spectacle of Black death or abuse. "

Speaking of new podcasts, what are folks listening to these days?


If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a big fan of hip-hop. I'm probably a bigger stan of the producers than I am the emcees but still love it all.

Again, today's crop of beatmakers/producers are phenomenal. They are completely tapped into what made the 90s so magical and stopped short of simply imitating it. Enter Richmond, VA's own Ohbliv. One of my faves.

I want to see white people going in on R.Kelly bring that same energy when it comes to Trump, Mitch McConnel, Lindsay Graham, etc.

Get hot and bothered about that too.

So I was watching some comedy stuff with my aunt the other day and we of course came across some Kevin Hart stuff.

Outside of all of his comedic shenanigans, I noticed he's in really good physical condition, so I looked to see if had any video showing his workouts.

That dude is a BEAST. I had no idea. I'm in pretty good physical condition, but watching his stuff makes me want to vomit.

Happy Thursday, beautiful bastards.

Listen to this. Whoever you think about listening to this reach out and let them know.


Mmmhmm ft. Thundercat by Flying Lotus

Apple tv screensavers but they're favelas, rare metal extraction mines, and sweatshops

Excited to see @jalcine present about IndieWeb and the Fediverse at #WaffleJS tonight! 🀯

Have you noticed how the same bigots that bitterly complains about safe spaces are making ones for themselves?

Yeah, I plan on blocking all of them, but it's weirdly reassuring.

The Witches of Baltimore
Young black women are leaving Christianity and embracing African witchcraft in digital covens.

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