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So, my first international trip was to Japan was to visit my on again off again who just so happened to be the first woman I feel in love with.

It ended in the worse way imaginable and that was the first time I had my heart so broken, I just couldn't function for awhile.

It sounds like this

There's a lot of emcees out there that are good at a lot of things, but when it comes to lyricists, I've never heard anyone better than Invincible.

I still say Kenna does not get the respect he deserves as a vocalist and song writer and this cut with RJD2 is just another log on that fire.

My man just knew how to make a song.

If someone you dig plays this song for you, you're done. Just give up. You lost.

I mean, christ man. Janelle Monae's voice is a gift from the universe.

I don't usually care for covers, but Wajeed's re-work of Radiohead's Knives Out ft. Monica Blaire is hauntingly gorgeous. And those snares are just AGGRESSIVE.

This one is still kind of hard to listen to because I was going through something very hard at the time and I felt like giving up. And it sounded a lot like this.

The Internet put out one of the coldest break up songs ever. It's harsh, but it's so beautiful.

I've dug Anna Wise since her SonnyMoon days and she's only gotten better since she started putting out her own projects.

And you should look up B.Lewis. That kids is BEAST.

Tiron and Ayomari's A Sucker for Pumps is one of my favorite projects released in the last decade, and Things Go Right is my favorite record of that project.

Cali duo 1-O.A.K. and TrackAdemics have always been a dynamite combination, but their Good Bye Girl remake is one my favorites...

Hodgy Beats and Mike G over a absurd Flying Lotus cut. It's a few years old, but it has never left my rotation since I discovered it.

I'm in a music mood tonight. Links inbound.

How has a rapper not used the name Matt Fraction in a verse yet?

It's begging to be put in some bars.

Whew, got the in app music player working. Now onto the interface for it...

My instance passed three months last week and it's been quite the experience.

It's definitely been a mixed bag of experiences, but overall it has been very positive.

People who engage with Mastodon seem to actually give a shit about the environment here. There is a sense of social responsibility that simply does not exist on other platforms.

I dig that. A lot.

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Everyone out there quietly helping unmonied people stay alive are wonderful and I love you.

Morning, fam. Try something a little different today. And don't forget to take some time for yourself.

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