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Living in America will have you thinking there's a problem with humanity and not a bunch of regressive bigots with too much money that they got by killing everyone and taking their stuff.

** walks over broken and smoldering discourse about racism, gets a juice from the fridge, leaves **

LOL, Pleroma people don't even like each other, hahahaha...

The fact I generally don't value the thoughts and opinions of people that feel the need to ignore the context of how I experience of the fedi and attempt to tell me what I like and don't like only makes bigots upset.

People that want to talk in good faith have no problem with asking questions and admitting they got something wrong to preserve a positive exchange.

Only bigots will defend their ignorance instead of just apologizing and let it go.

LOL, this person came in swinging WILD saying I support Masto (???) over Pleroma AND I'm pushing people to use corporate social media platforms because I'm talking about how many hateful people use Pleroma.

LOL, ME?? This person clearly has no idea who they are talking and are upset because I won't take assume they are trying to engage in good faith.

Ha, I can't stop laughing.

I'm a creative tech dude that always happens to be Black. On the internet this affects how people view and interact with me. That's just how it is. You cannot separate that context from online projects just because you don't want to talk about it.

I am under no obligation be kind or accommodating to anyone that thinks erasing a significant part of my experience on the web is being 'neutral'. Because it's not.

I don't care who this offends. Either accept that context or just shut up.

The leaps of logic people make because 1. they don't know my background in tech and 2. don't have the common decency to just ask before running wild with those assumptions will never cease to amuse me.

White people get really upset when I dismiss their completely ignorant assertions because they feel their assumptions of me should be accepted. As if I am obligated to be the person they've made up in their minds.

Ha but I'm the Bad Guy™ b/c I don't entertain their prejudiced bullshit.

Ha, I wasn't even trying to set the fedi on fire today.

Oh well.

And of course, they are a Pleroma user... because of course.

LOL when white people start some bullshit and get upset you treat it like the bullshit it is.

A play in two parts.

Instance Block, more racists 

Having led a few teams in my day, I can say for a fact Pleroma's attitude is an extension of who leads that project. As the saying goes, attitude reflects leadership.

It's not magic Pleroma is so friendly with Gab aligned instances. Bigots feel comfortable using and contributing too that project.

And that's intentional. I don't give a shit how well built it may or may not be.

It has been used to make not only fedi and the world in general an unsafer and more hateful place.

I've talked at length on quite a few occasions about my issues with Masto and racism.

Don't bring your hot breath on my timeline because you didn't do the reading.

Go circle jerk with your bigot friends.

At this point, I think we can all agree Pleroma is a social media platform built specifically for white nationalists.

It has intentionally positioned itself as a primary alternative option for hateful people that have been pushed off of Birdland, FB, etc etc.

I would not be surprised if you see them on the news in the near future as a flash point for organization for premeditated attacks against social groups they hate.

That platform has consistently catered to the worst people.

Instance Block, Another Pleroma Racist 

I'm not dying for America.

My ancestors did not sacrifice everything for me to get here to die trying to save a place that doesn't even have the basic common sense to not set itself of fine decade after decade.

The US is and always has been a place of insanity and lunacy for the sake of whiteness.

It should not exist.

Half the country on fire, the frequency of hurricanes is increasing, law enforcement in America is mostly populated by the klan and a racist, sex predator is in office who people still support.

On and there's still a pandemic that's killing a thousand people a day.

The only real question is are you going to die along with the white people who are determined to kill a nation out of spite.

LOL New Mutants is getting PANNED.

Nobody wants to see white washed bullshit anymore.

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