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I can't help but laugh at how quickly all the BLM 'support' quickly evaporated the moment actual Black folks started advocating for themselves on the fedi.

Ha, it's like yall can't help but show how much yall don't want Black people here.

From what I can tell, PV is the only intersectional instance on the fedi. It is the only instance that doesn't make you pick and choose what identity your loyal too first and just lets you be what you are... well as long as your not a bigoted piece of shit.

This pisses of a lot of white folks that only cosplay PROGRESSIVE, which is why so many take swipes at PV when we are minding our got damn business.

And cybreDOTspace showing once again why we silenced them awhile ago.

Anti-Blackness is under every rock in the fedi.

Ha, the idea that the fedi is more progressive than any other social media platform is a joke.

If you don't want a problem with PV, keep our name out of your mouth.

I don't know why fucking white people and their tokens have such a problem with this.

With all the talk about BOUNDARIES on here, you'd think folks would just respect our space.

But once again, the fedi shows it fucking hates Black folks.

Some folks have asked me about the 2k first tier about my Patreon.

The 2k goal is my threshold for being able to work on dev and design software fulltime without having rely on external client work to sustain myself.

Everything beyond that 2k will go to maintaining PV and paying content creators who are so gracious enough to work with PV.

I want PV to be sustainable long term. Making a profit is secondary to a healthy and more importantly stable environment.

I can guarantee the hottest thing that's going to be dropped this year is when PV releases the list of who we have defederated with.

Ha, the pleas copped on that day are going to be so sweet.

I've always thought it was funny at how white folks who who just discover this account always DEMAND EVIDENCE OF RACISM that I and the lovely folks on our instance have documented thoroughly over the years but rarely have those same demands of people that accuse me of homophobia, transphobia, islamaphobia, etc etc.

It's not funny b/c it's one of the most persistent forms of racism on the fedi, but it is funny because people think they are being OBJECTIVE.

Ha, but we aren't supposed to notice.

PV is wildly unpopular in a lot of white PROGRESSIVE spaces because it exposes the ineptitude, incompetence and/or unwillingness of a lot of folks who proclaim they want DIVERSITY but really only voices that align with their white sensibilities and rubber stamp their largely meager and ineffective efforts.

It's very possible to build healthy spaces. PV shows most just choose not to. That's the core of the problem.

Ha, and folks hate us for it.

In my view, I think a lot of people don't know what a healthy community looks like and don't have the stamina to build one that is inclusive and intersectional and they know it so they attack when they see someone such as myself doing what they talk about.

This is not to say I am perfect b/c LOL as anyone on my instance will tell you as well, I am far from it.

But my success is measured by the quality of environment not followers and attention.

B/c community is most important.

I've said this many times before, I don't block/silence people for stupidity. Everyone has a right to their opinion no matter how insane it is.

I block/silence folks for enabling and causing harm. And I have never been wrong when I moderate using this context.

If you are blocked from PV, there's tangible reason beyond me not liking you. Ha, I don't like a lot of people on here.

But that's not a sensible criteria for cutting off communication.

Stoping harm is.

I've seen some comments recently about how a BAN PEOPLE I DON'T AGREE WITH.

So let's clear that up. Unless it's an instance of overt bigotry, I don't make decisions without talking to the good people on my instance. You can ask anyone on PV.

I don't believe in running communities as a dictator because that's not how strong communities are built.

So anyone that says I do this is straight up lying.

I don't care how much funding/donation I lose or how many followers run from me in that process.

There is never going to be a moment when I stop calling out racism and it's sources whenever I see it. I am never going to stop identifying spaces that exist to harm people that are like me.

I am trying to build something bigger than a popularity and anxiety engine.

And I'm closer to it that people think.

My stamina for building healthy communities and reducing harm is unlimited.

Count on that.

I am exceptionally proud of the work I have done in this first iteration of PV. It has shown me that independent social media is very possible. Masto is definitely not the tool needed to make this a reality, haha, but it was nice while it lasted.

The rampant hate on the fedi that I have experienced has only reinforced that I am not only on the right track but these bigots know what I'm trying to do and are doing everything to stop me.

Ha, but they can't. That's why they stay enraged.

I've found that this fear is at the core of most of the bitter squabbles I've had since I've been on the fedi. That specific rage and anger that is reserved for Black fediversians is based in the idea that we can exist and actually thrive without them.

That's why they fight common sense security and safety features. That's why they constantly demean, attack and harass our spaces.

They know we can do better but want us to give up b/c it exposes how incompetent they are.

My time in the fedi has exposed literally all of the flaws of social media so in that respect, I'm glad I came here. This is only the first iteration of PV and it was a wildly successful experiment of self run social media.

It also revealed just how deep white hatred of Black autonomous thought goes. It revealed how progress of social media is hindered by white people's inability to let Black folks be themselves.

White people are TERRIFIED of a social media experience that doesn't center them

There's always a social cost whenever I talk about the blatant hypocrisy of white progressive on the fedi but that just proves my point of how aggressive this place polices Black folks.

For me, it's worth it because I reach a lot of people who see how aggressive this place is with it's anti-blackness and we connect privately.

And let's be clear. There are more Black folks on the fedi than you think.

They just don't want to reveal that they're Black b/c they see how much the fedi hates us.

People always talk about my attitude and demeanor but never talk about the context of my mental health and the constant deluge of racism and hate that PV has dealt with since I spun up this instance.

I've seen more context and sympathy applies and give to the most hateful racists and instances. Bigots that have long histories of harassment and causing harm are given the benefit of the doubt repeatedly.

But the moments someone Black makes a mis-step, it's the end of the fucking world.

You never, ever see white 'leftists' harass, dog pile, go after, antagonize actual racists, neo nazis, white nationals and supremacists like you see them hurl themselves at Black people. Never.

You see tacit agreements that RACISM IS BAD but you never see white progressives fight with them like the are so willing to have extended fights and feuds with Black folks.

Sustained campaigns to de-platform people have been reserved almost primarily for Black folks who some to this space.

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