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get lit. @ethelsclub put me on and now I’m a customer. black owned, woman owned.

this shit calmed me down last night (

Of course I'd think to edit these shots into something more graphic novel/comic book-esque *way* after I originally edited these shots. Ah well. Better late than never.

asking for help to get away from an abusive living situation, boosts needed 

If you were wanting to still subscribe to my content, I'm pretty sure this is the final way! Hopefully no more bugs!

White people just don't when to shut the fuck up.

remember that talk where morrison says she already knows she’s morally superior to wp and that it was never even in question? yeah lol. she was right.

"I love y'all and you might love me but it's gotten to the point if you not standing by me right now, your love don't mean shit." © Stephen 'Stack' Jackson

I’ve dumped a good amount of my severance on movement work only because I know the money will come back to me (it always does). (

Going to the gun range as soon as I can because I'm not gonna be a hashtag.

I don't want to hear shit about being kind and understanding when president is declaring open season on Black folks.

Now it's time to do things the other way.

And TikTok basically just killed their brand.


If you're not showing up now, just... don't bother.

I see where you stand.

As much as the fedi talks about 'burning shit down' there better be no financial issues to the people in Minneapolis who are on the ground putting in the work right now.

If you can't give, boost. Either is cool. Just keep the momentum going.

Show up.

Sweet Pages and I were talking about gearing up and going to get some ice cream somewhere but decided it's probably better to stay in the house because if some white person says something slick while we're out either one of us is liable to open hand smack the fuck out of them.

So we're not even gonna tempt fate like that.

Ok, so the new solar charger I bought doesn't put out enough juice to charge my laptop so I'll have to look at other options for that, but it it's fine for all my other devices like my headphones, bluetooth speakers, phone, etc etc, so I'm going to start running all of them off of that

I get good sun from my window so I'll keep there to charge when I'm not using it and just plug in devices as needed.

I'm glad I bought this little thing. It's really gonna come in handy.

I speak plainly about bigotry and hate because it is not healthy for us to censure ourselves to appease a culture that even hates itself.

I often dismiss bigots asking me about what can be done to resist hate because it is not on us to regurgitate information that has, quite literally, been explained a billion times but they are too lazy to do any work on their own.

Displacing anxiety onto us to fix racism we are not responsible for is a function of white supremacy.

That is not our burden.

The line that stuck with me when I first say Julie Dash's brilliant Daughters of the Dust is that "We must survive."

The people that came before us didn't have the opportunities we have before us and still made the choice to find a way to get through.

The sacrifices they made aren't to appeal to a social that is defined by their hate, but rather to give us a model for progress.

I don't care what white people think about me. I want to make the world better.

Just like the ones before me

The weight of realizing how much destruction and violence white political dogma has wrought on the world is not our cross to bear. That's for people who primarily benefit from this destruction to carry.

Our burden is to maintain our health and joy in the midst of their madness b/c our ancestors paid a heavy price to get us here.

Which is why self care is such a revolutionary act.

The society we exist in wants us to strip us of our humanity b/c they've gave up theirs.

Self care is saying NO

As with most issue in America, we figured out how to fix them a long time ago.

The core issue in America is that white Americans are mortgaging their future to keep inequality in play b/c it makes them feel better.

The delusion of superiority is more important than a steady nation or even survival. They use their numbers to support policy that continues this violence.

The problem is and always has been white people.

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