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If you were wanting a physical copy of my thesis on the unseen in landscapes, Hispano-Luso colonialism and Black womens performance

Have I got a doozy for you!

and if you want me to, i can get into the complexity of latin american/hispano caribbean in the usa dealing with anglo based racism
settler colonialism
and how being latin am or hispano caribbean doesnt automatically mean you are raced in a particular way where you are affected by the aforementioned things. i can do that for you.

you gon' have to subscribe to my website though :blobcatgooglyshrug:

i'm poor and a full time student

So in the end, The Last Dance was basically a vehicle for Michael Jordon to bring old grudges back to the surface while simultaneously masturbating.

Tabloids have been more objective. Meh.

An old friend of mine started a new blog and his first piece is talking about Barrett's portrayal in the new FF7 Remake.

You should read it.

Working out outside is kinda nice. I probably won't do it all the time but it's a nice change of pace.

Moving around with the sun right on me has me sweating like Patrick Ewing though...

Been playing Mafia III a lot lately and yes it's a quality game but I gotta admit I'm partial because shooting racists in the face and taking their stuff is VERY therapeutic.

re: UK, race, gentrification 

@sunflowers yeah, the state of privacy, security, anti-abuse features on pixelfed are all pretty atrocious from what I understand–& if I remember the dev was real shitty to anyone who pointed it out, so it just got swept under the carpet by the constant churn of social media memory. Thumbs down to pixelfed.

It was a bit frustrating today because I had to re-write some stuff that I thought I had working, but on the big plus side, I have the tagging system working and rendering all the tag pages that list posts that are tagged appropriately.

The really slick part is that it updates on it's own whenever some enters a new tag and just re-renders html pages.

If I can keep up the pace, I'll have a Fipamo beta ready by June and I'll start switching all my sites over.

What started as quick dive into the codebase to sort out page tags becomes a full day of building out a tagging system because it revealed a few bugs that I hadn't seen before.

It's funny how the little things always escalate in EPIC DAYS OF CODE.

So my main set up now is two laptops, a MacBook Air for work stuff and an Acer Predator for my games and it's been fine, but I kinda miss just having one machine that handled both.

It's worked well enough up until this point but I don't like having to pack them both up when I travel.

I'm gonna think about it for a few because it would be a major investment to get a new machine powerful enough to handle both, but I'm leaning just going bak to one machine.

Been looking around for a solar charger I can throw in my backpack when I'm out and about and the Solaraise 25k mAh checks off a lot of boxes.

It takes a long time to re-charge, but devices can still be run off of it while it does, so it's not that big a deal.

And with the massive power bank I can use it to recharge my laptop if I'm out and about.

I think I'm sold.

Racism isn't that complex. The results explain the intentions pretty clearly. The history on this is not esoteric.

What is complex is the myriad of ways white people attempt to downplay and codify racism into something they can either dismiss or say it's 'too hard' to deal with.

Both result in the same thing: the perpetuation of racism.

The prevalence of racism is not hard to explain. White people like racism.

White people tend to obfuscate this basic point b/c they feel implicated by it.

Ha, racist apologist white guy is back trying to have a 'nuanced' conversation about how a racist can fight racism but I'm 'misinterpreting' him and making our exchange 'hostile'.

But let's just ignore the fact he's been at this for three days now despite I have repeatedly expressed I have no interest in hearing his non-sense.

LOL, but somehow, magically, I'm the aggressor.

White people just live in delusion, hahahaha...

Reading Malcom X's autobiography in college was one of the most significant moments in my life in terms of developing my own identity as a critical thinking person and emerging from the socialization of conservative and religious politics.

I do not know what kind of person I would be if I had never taken the challenge to read and study his work.

He would have been 95 today.

#MalcolmX was one of the most significant figures within the American Black Nationalist Movement.

Many of the ideas he articulated like race pride and self-defense became ideological mainstays of the #BlackPower movement.

He would have turned 95 today.

#OnThisDay #MalcolmXDay

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