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I don't think Kanye West has anything of interest to say.

I think he just wants to sell albums, but the music itself doesn't move units like it used to, so he's trying to fill the gap with being outlandish.

blocking people is always justified

someone rudely comments on your selfie? block
terrible political takes? block
reminds you of your second grade bully? block
un-cwed content that makes you uncomfortable? block
dont like the cut of someones jib? block

block block block! you dont owe anyone anything on here! block their ass and never think about them again!

:leia:​ watch party soon come for Ep II Attack of the Clones!!!!! This Friday, Nov 8! :chewie roar:

Remember, join when you can, watch how you want to, and this is all for fun!

posted here is a revised poster with the times, and for the blind users of the fedi, I will post all times right here:


Hope to see you soon & May the force be witcha :rebel:

San Jose homlessness solution 

New Earl Sweatshirt album is a mood and my entire aesthetic

I'm close to meeting my savings goal, so I'm thinking hard again about van life.

Being free and just floating really appeals to me.

That said, I hate the idea of spending so much money on gas, so I wonder if I can find an electric van.

I generally don't mind Scorsese because he's done some good work.

But let's not forget they gave dude an Oscar for remaking a Chinese film with white people.

So this sanctimonious non-sense he's stomping about art vs commerce falls flat for me.

He just sounds like he's whining because the industry is moving on without him.

Martin Scorsese just sounds like and old white guy that’s upset movies aren’t made in the way he thinks they should be anymore.

Not everybody can afford the grandiose shit he’s talking about and cinema today is *infinitely* better because it’s so much more accessible.

I don’t care for Marvel films either, but to key on those as examples of how bad film making has become is not only dishonest, but also myopic and arrogant.

Times have changed.

Been thinking a lot about NYC lately. I think I need to visit for awhile.

I wonder if @xLexcLoveex would binge Power with me when the season ends.

I feel like I gotta watch it again with a fan of the show. And yes, I mean from the beginning.

lol that's why i don't donate


I fucking hate grocery store check out screens asking me if I want to donate $20 to end child hunger or whatever. You’re a $10 billion corporation. I’m using a coupon to get 50 cents off a bag of potatos. Why don’t YOU donate $20 to end child hunger


free speech 

All that to say keep working together to deplatform bigots and their friends. Keep collaborating to make them uncomfortable.

It's working. Their frustration is growing because they can't just move about freely like the once did and they are actually being held accountable for the violence they are enabling.

Nothing pisses off a bigot more than to be treated like one.

Keep pushing. We're setting a whole new paradigm. We got this.

If you look at any alt-right movement that's gained popularity over the last few years, the put up a public face that is safe for white folks, but ha, as it turns out, the same hateful people behind closed doors.

Those practices have been emulated quite a few times on the fedi. They even use the same vocabulary and reasoning. Hell, the whole 'free speech' angle is a great example.

Much like Spencer, they don't give a shit about free speech. They just want to spread their hate.

To keep it all the way real, Spencer whining about how his events are *hard* know reminds of a lot of commentary on here when it comes to vulnerable communities protecting themselves.

I'm not gonna pull receipts, but I know who talks wild shit about PV and how we run this instance and the sheer entitlement they have in excepting to have access to whatever we do, even when their friends are primary instigators of harm against us.

They say one thing in public, but their actions don't match.

And as we've seen, white folks no matter what political side they profess, will come at you *hard* when you take away their privilege when it comes to accessing communities they are not a part of. In my experience, they revert pretty quickly to the same hateful posture of the people the are allegedly against.

Not behaving like a bigot really isn't a hard ask. Not being a random dickhead to people you don't know is a pretty low bar.

If we can't even meet there, everything else is irrelevant.

The single issue that I catch the most flack for is how I just don't allow bigots to spread their hate on PV.

If you give me the impression you're comfortable with bigotry that enables abuse harm of people not like you, you're done. Period.

I don't give a shit if you're being 'edgy' or 'ironic' of whatever dumb ass thing you want to push because you think you're clever.

Yes, I get to decide what is hateful and what isn't and I'm not going to debate it.

Because bigots exploit that space.

Two thoughts about Richard Spencer admitting he's the racist dickhead we all knew he was.


2. Deplatforming works, y'all. Isolating bigots so they are only talking to each other is extremely effective. They simply would not exist if places would take a stand against white supremacy as opposed to taking the cowards way out and couching it as 'political'. Because it isn't.

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