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I'm not sure if she wants to get down because she thinks I'm handsome or because she digs my music, movie and tv show collection.

I'm fine with either.

@denikombucha I saw the video of this and my favorite thing was how they had to put down an extra cushy mat for her to land it because it's too badass a thing to do on the regular floor exercise surface.

I need to just accept The Good Wife is one of my favorite how's and stop lying to myself.

**New US rule would target legal immigrants who use public benefits**

"White House says migrants will be blocked from entering the US if they are likely to need public assistance."

#news #bot

@Are0h it’s so heart warming seeing Black Girl athletes get the love and admiration they deserve👏🏽💖

I've never really been one to have a lot of stuff, but it really took hold when I lived in Belize.

It's a very poor country, so you have to prioritize between what you want and what you need and I really dug this process because you get down to the nitty gritty of what you need to be happy and thrive. Which for me, was surprisingly not much.

It's a better way for me to live. When I came back to the States, I was just overwhelmed by the excess.

That's when I knew I just preferred to be lean.

One of the more fun things I've had to explain as I date and meet people is my minimalism.

Quite a few women have asked why I have so little stuff, and I respond because I'm a minimalist. Of course, this comes off as weird in a society where your value is largely determined by how much stuff you have, but when I explain it and attach it to my concern for environmental issues (use less, waste less), it's such a thing to watch them come around.

It's an interesting convo I've been having lately

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Clearly, Hinge is the place I should have been on from the start.

I found my demographic. Thoughtful geeky folks that value ethics and filth.

It me.

Now, make no mistake… Hacking and interference in the election isn’t designed to make Trump win overtly.

It’s designed to allow Trump to call into question the validity of the election.

Remember, Trump talked about the election being hacked before:

Asking for help is hella embarrassing. I mean, I don't have a debilitating condition. My bills are basically paid, more or less. I'm vaguely healthy (for 50-something chubby dude values of healthy). And I'm surrounded by people who are missing one or more of these things.

But I remind myself that nobody can succeed alone, and ask.

So, if I can ask for help for something as stupid as book reviews? You folks who need stuff for actual survival need to keep asking too.

**US athletes face penalty for podium protests at Pan Am Games**

"Gold medalists Imboden and Berry could be penalised for kneeling and raising fist during medal ceremonies in Peru."

#news #bot

I think I just agreed to a binge watching date, but with no clothes.

Stay tuned, folks.

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