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Extremely disappointed in Omar Roth, the creator of Invidious.

Taking a neutral stance against hate speech is choosing a side. What a cop out.

Learned a thing today: The cultural expectations around the use of the colors pink and blue as gender signifiers originated in the U.S. at the turn of the last century.

KD fucked up his Achilles. Damn, get well soon homie.

In North Korea, students are forced to praise their nation before every school day.

*buys game on a discount, downloads the bootleg*

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Here's to hoping there's more than one coil-textured hair style, and it's not mysteriously lower polygon count than everything else...

Ok, so there are reports that Cyberpunk 2077 will have a pretty extensive character creation system.

I hope this is true. I really don't like having to play these sprawling epics as Bro McBroerson

Cyperpunk, but I have to play as the white guy. Again.

After neo-Nazi organizer, podcaster + predatory real-estate agent who marched in Charlottesvllle was outed in #Houston, antifascists organized a rally outside his home in a rapidly gentrifying multi-racial neighborhood to catch his neighbors up to speed.

It's officially Summer Dress Season in The Bay.

And the Lord said... it was good.

Mf THANK YOU. Ugh just y’all hate fat women and go👉🏽

Morning! My wonderful friend Amy and her fiance Chloe are doing a 10 mile walk to help raise awareness and money for cancer!

Amy is a most wonderful person and this is a big deal!! Read more about her story via the link.

Please boost, share and donate if you can!!! The research helps save lives
Thanks so much

Literally no one believes I'm in my 40s. This woman in Sephora literally asked me for my i.d.

Moisture game works, yall.

So body lotion after I get out of the shower is my new jam.

This shit is luxurious.

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