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Hey, does anybody have good recommendations of sci-fi/fantasy with lgbt+ characters/relationships? I was looking through my Goodreads and found that to be a pretty glaring omission. Boosts appreciated.

Definitely sticking with Sublime Text for awhile. Took a bit to get my settings right, but now it just hums along.

Still annoyed I can't move my sidebar to the right tho...

the muppets facebook page posted this, which in my mind is basically conformation that Statler and Waldorf ARE husbands who have been married for years.

I finished rewatching Black Sails last night and now I don't know what to do with my life.

'La Sangre Llama' is a body of performance and photography/video work exploring this post colonial body (Puerto Rico) and sites of colonial violence in a city (Barcelona). I would say this project explores a lot of what is unseen of monuments, statues and spaces of historical significance.

*walks over the broken, crumpled bodies of fools that dared challenge PV mods to get to the chamomille tea*

White people want to blame us for 'not voting in numbers', but of the white people that can vote, the majority either don't or vote for racists.

When white folks see racist shit happening, they want us to be the BIGGER PERSON, but they just sit there and cower.

White people want us to protest with them, but when the cops show up, they vanish and leave us to get the brunt of consequences for standing up to injustice.

Racism is an issue that can be dealt with. White folks just choose not to.

And let's be real. Racists and bigot know most white people are cowards when it comes to dealing with racism. They know most white people aren't going to say shit when the get loud and hateful.

That's why this shit continues. That's why racists officials keep winning elections and setting policy that hurts all of us.

Every time there is a racist gathering, white folks should be mobilizing to counteract to reduce the harm it cause and not let them control the narrative.

But they don't.

The single most effective way to fight racism is for white people to challenge it at the source. Yes, that means in your neighborhoods, churches, events, etc.

White people constantly tell us how courages we all need to be and FIGHT TOGETHER, but that usually results in them hiding behind us when the cops come or not saying anything when a racist family member goes in on a friend, lover, etc.

White 'progressives' want us to BRAVE, but when the same is expected of them, they vanish.

Here's the thing, homie. Black/Brown folks have been told the world how to deal with racism, so that's not the problem.

The problem is that white people don't listen and do what makes them feel better rather than what is effective.

A great example of this is the current POTUS. He's a result of a large majority of white voters ignoring the lessons we told them.

We _told y'all_ 🍊 was a racist fuck up repeatedly.

But y'all don't listen.

And, of course, the dude who harassed Westbrook at last night's game it not only a 🍊 supporter, but has a long history of saying wildly racist shit about Westbrook.

LOL, it's like white people forget the internet is a thing.

“Come at me n***** boy”
—, the man who taunted Westbrook


Yooo this dude WYLINNN

The nerve of white dudes like, who’s ancestors stole land and murdered its inhabitants, to say someone is “classless shit” and to “go back where he came from” is wild.

RT & the real feelinzz

Catching up on the Russell Westbrook story and if you’re a fan of the NBA, you know this isn’t the first time Utah has had a problem with racist fans.

It seems like Russ just got tired of it. Heckling and talking shit is just part of the game but I can tell you from personal experience a lot of ‘fans’ take it way too far.

The Dakota Access Pipeline has already broken and leaked multiple times since it was built.

The only ones in prison are the protestors who didn’t want that to happen.


A new study found that air pollution is disproportionately caused by white Americans' consumption of goods and services — but disproportionately inhaled by black and Hispanic Americans.

**Popularity sky-high, Mexico's AMLO marks 100 days in office**

"As promised, Lopez Obrador has cut public sector pay, given up presidential perks and launched new welfare programmes."

#news #bot

Hey everybody, I'm a softie lefty black grad student in a PWI the U.S. Interested in sociology, neuroscience, and inadvertently triggering chuds by making obvious, pro-social declarations. Cynical idealist, frequently in my feelings. Interested in staying healthy, kind, and self-assured in the blatantly sociopathic political moment. Much love ❤️​

Ro vs. Black Sails, spoilers 

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