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A new study found that air pollution is disproportionately caused by white Americans' consumption of goods and services — but disproportionately inhaled by black and Hispanic Americans.

**Popularity sky-high, Mexico's AMLO marks 100 days in office**

"As promised, Lopez Obrador has cut public sector pay, given up presidential perks and launched new welfare programmes."

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Hey everybody, I'm a softie lefty black grad student in a PWI the U.S. Interested in sociology, neuroscience, and inadvertently triggering chuds by making obvious, pro-social declarations. Cynical idealist, frequently in my feelings. Interested in staying healthy, kind, and self-assured in the blatantly sociopathic political moment. Much love ❤️​

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I want to change the sex on my passport to bybo (blow your back out)

I'm offended that's not an option.

Just published a post on Patreon and another soon come!

If you're interested in suggested art readings, my art practice documentation or just wanna help a boi out: 👇🏾

Can we do something abt our gun laws, I’m at the mall n getting real tired of having to scope the exits every time a white dude in khaki shorts raises his voice.

To all the queer brown cuties who were down to friendship and/or penpal, I would be happy to share other messenger platforms via DM (like discord, telegram)

My mom died sometime between thursday night and friday afternoon. It was unexpected and sudden.
If you'd like to do something to help us mourn, small gifts of food and kind messages are very much appreciated. You can also contribute to our food fund (we're not cooking this weekend.)

It looks like I'll also be traveling back to iowa unexpectedly sometime soon so if you can send a little money my way, it's really, really appreciated.

to donate via paypal:

You will act like a civilized person when you interact with this instance or not at all.

There is no third option.

This not Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Social @ PV has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to racism. Period.

And don't DM me because I don't want to fucking hear it.

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I just wanna say this is probably the only “social media site/app” that I don’t hate. I have encountered a few toxic people but not nearly as many as on Facebook/Twitter/IG/Tumblr so thanks lol

I need more non-white queer friends in my life! I'm even down to penpal if any qt(women or NB specifically)poc wanna talk gay while brown feelings

If you need some gay tags: 27, INFJ, Taurus, boo'd, Bay Area, stoner, DnD, nice, will art/fic swap, therapy-going, a real fucking charm #queerfriendship #qtpoc

Huh. I'm still messing around with Sublime Text and I discovered you can debug Nodejs on the command line.

Oh my.

So for a fun little weekend project, I downloaded a copy of Sublime Text and took some time to see how much I could configure.

It doesn't do everything VSCodium does, but it's pretty close.

I think I'm going to stick with it for awhile.

The dictatorship that ruled #Chile between 1973-1990 left 3,000 dead and 200,000 Chileans into exile. #Pinochet's regime was supported by far-right politicians. In 1998, #JairBolsonaro, now #Brazil’s president, praised Pinochet saying his regime "should have killed more people."

I took a step back and just considered my year and half on the fedi using my own instance as an entry point.

I've found work, made new friends, ha few enemies, and a couple of folks I've had filthy thoughts about.

It's a whole thing. It's a whole living breathing vibrant community, warts and all.

The special part is that it's not attached to any entity. It's a community entirely of our own making.

I like social media b/c we can talk. The fedi has kinda made me love it.

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