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Happy Sunday, lovely people.

May your bootlegs load flawlessly and when you drop it, may it be hot.

Ashé and shit..

Ok, so the prelim plan for the next couple of months is NYC, Montreal, Chicago, Denver and then Oakland. I'm thinking hard about Vancouver since I've never been.

I figure while I'm in North America I should float around a bit before I head back down to Mexico.

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I'm trying out playvicious to see how it fits. My other account is I'm white; and afab; casually jewish and seriously pissed. I live in .

I talk about and and physical and . I bitch about power structures. Also television shows, , and infrastructure.

Pronouns: he, she, and they are all fine. I like variety.

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Building healthy spaces means recognizing and dealing with behaviors and actions that are counter to said spaces.

Attempting to assuage bigots in the hope they act like decent people eventually doesn't contribute to a healthy environment.

Giving carte blanche deference to every idea one comes across for the sake of 'objectivity' does not contribute to a healthy space.

Everyone has to decide what kind fo community they want to be a part of. Do you really want good spaces or just appear to be?

There is no honor in taking abuse from people that mean you harm.

There is nothing shameful about erring on the side of your self interest if you are unsure about a person's intent when they engage.

People that have genuine good interests and make positive contributions consistently to the community around them will prove that out over time.

As in life, not everybody is here to be your friend.

It's ok to let people prove that they are good people. Good people don't mind doing that.

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Definitely pulled something in my shoulder when I worked out yesterday, so it looks like I day of icing and baths for me.

Ha, it's probably my body telling me to slow the fuck down.

There's going to be a moment when you realize we're all in the same room, laughing, fussing, drinking, crying and just carrying on together.

That's when you'll get it.

ill always say it but we need QTpoc masto meetups 😭​ how glorious.

White people get to be their characteristics, black people have to be black first. I'm not a programmer I'm a Black programmer I'm not a trans person I'm a Black Trans person. No matter where I go or what I'm doing there is the pressure to be an ambassador or representative for black folk everywhere.

This is part of why black spaces are important. No matter how chill you white folk are I still have to be somewhat 'on' in black spaces I don't have to be the black one.

Whew, busy week as I get used to my new schedule with the new hustle, but it's nice.

It's so satisfying when you find a gig that you actually believe in rather than just working to, you know, eat.

Deets coming soon.

Wow. It's like Virginia has a problem with racism or something.


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Absolutely love Next Cloud. Slowly consolidating all of my stuff from other synced services to my own server.

I'll probably have to boost my server's capacity, but it's something that's not critical right now.

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