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After the 2016 presidential election, teachers around the U.S. reported seeing increased name-calling and bullying at school.

Now, a new study confirms that areas where voters favored Donald Trump are seeing higher rates of bullying within the classroom.

I hope "Little" is as good and as funny as the trailer makes it seem.

Issa Rae, Regina Hall *AND* Marsai Martin? TAKE MY MONEY.

Holland Novak's bored face really emotes tho...

You know, I think I'm kind of into @guerrillarain's idea of taking back anime avatars.

The big question is who am I going to go with...

Using GUIs for git just doesn't have the same satisfaction as using it on the command line.

Christ, I'm becoming that guy...

Those that advocate the hardest for 'tolerance' are those that will probably stretch your definitions of tolerance. Never tolerate anything that makes you feel less valued as a person, never tolerate hate or erasure or marginalization or fear.

This is what I love about today's beatmakers/producers. They can make any of the 21st century rappers sound like they came straight out of the 90s.

Big up ksana for this flip of Bobby Schmurda.

Don't forget that you all are writing new chapter in the internet history just by being on Fediverse. Its emergence is best thing that happened to the cyberspace in a loooong time IMO.

It's not like I try to expose alleged white leftist who quietly hold racist views.

Ha, they expose themselves. Again and again. It's like they can't help themselves.

The moment they feel they're not getting a pat on the head for being marginally decent people, all that Jim Crow comes out.

It's really not funny. But that's why it's funny.

Watching white men get pissy because I don't value their subjective non-sense will never not be funny to me.

It's not my fault you don't know what you're talking about. Read a book, champ.

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Ro vs. MeToo Show more,, and Are Selling Customers' Real-Time Location Data, And It's Falling Into the Wrong Hands

T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T are selling access to their customers’ location data, and that data is ending up in the hands of bounty hunters

Aye beautiful people.

In the society we inhabit, there is a lot of shame around asking for help. Although we exist in a culture that exploits literally everything we do to benefit a few people, we are magically supposed to figure out a way to be ok.

Fuck that.

Your value as a person has nothing to with how much you produce for people that do not care an inch about your well being.

Doing what you need to do in said society is a noble act.

As Malcolm X famously said, "By any means necessary"

I'll be passing the :greatcat: donation bucket around a little more this month due to hospitaling. Thank you for your boosts and love. ❤️

***Help a black artist intellectual spread her ideas***

I've been selected to present a paper at a Conference in Sao Paulo.

As a 'third class citizen' struggling in Europe and with prolonged denial of access to citizenship, I sometimes find myself isolated and in serious state hardship to maintain the bridges to places; my research and current scholarship; and updating my practice in tune with current production.

Please check, help and share!

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