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How is there not a rapper named Tony Barks yet??

Happy Wednesday, beautiful people.

Embrace the change. Relish in the opportunity to re-write the narratives from something we just dealt with to something that actually benefits our growth as people.

It's supposed to be hard. That's how you get stronger.

Take care of yourself and keep pushing forward. We'll get there. And we'll do it together.

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If you're liking what's going on with , please back me and help give me more time to work on it at my Patreon / Libreapay!

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A take on how the new setup page should look like for !

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A question for users joining from Tumblr: Show more

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homies my mom told me to make a hard copy of my goals and stuff and i started it yesterday and i shit you not at least two of my goals are coming true already praise God and if you want maybe try this? cause ive had my goals and stuff on like different apps but besides keeping a to do list in my firefox notes this is like the only time this has ever worked wow

It's right around now my people who I told Social about a year ago are going to realize what I was talking about.

Ha, it's cool. It's why I did it.

I legit can't stop laughing about Tumblr.

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New users?!?!?! Hi, I'm Guerrilla Rain. I'm like Sailor Moon, but ratchet. I have been in the fediverse for almost two years, so I'm like a veteran veteran.

My advice is to: (1) be nice, (2) ask for help, (3) content warning and caption your stuff, (4) don't be afraid to get weird.


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So I've finally decided to check out this Mastodon thing. Simple rundown on me: Black guy from the DMV area that was moderately successful as an independent hip-hop artist. Now a full-time creative streaming games on Twitch and Mixer, along with writing about video games, mobile tech, and music on Medium. The vibe is always chill. When it comes to drama, I'm tryna stay out the way. Come kick it with me.

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Imposter syndrome is real. You just have to work through it and eventually you will see the truth.

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Heyo. Cheers to a new beginning on this site I have no clue how to use.

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Hi, I’m Alistair. He/him, Transmasc Buddhist Witch that runs competitive fighting game tournaments in Denver, CO. I also manage an Esports lounge.

I’m currently healing up from top surgery, but once I’m healed I plan to get back into weight training and dance again.

I’m mediocre at everything I’m passionate about, but I excel at supporting others in any capacity I’m able.

Welcome to Mastodon and hope to see you all around!

There are bunch of little pieces that I never really considered until I started building them. It's the little details that really separate a decent app from one that really sings.

I know there is stuff I'm just going to miss, but I'm looking forward to Fipamo's release and people start banging on it.

I'm very proud of the progress I've made and it's only going to get better once it's out in the wild.

Exciting time, yo.

You know, building a blog is actually pretty easy.

The hard part, as I'm learning, is usability and access.

It takes a lot of effort to make a project usable for everyday folks and not just tech nerds such as myself.

My design background has really got me through some tough spots, but making a thing functional and somewhat intuitive is, well... it's fucking hard.

Still, I'm learning a ton of shit and it's coming out very well.

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Hey! I'm Jacky Alcine. I'm a software developer ( | ) that's spending more time into the free and social Web. I run a one-person consultancy at @blackaf.

You can figure out what I'm up to at, learn about people I've worked with at and ask me anything!

I'm a mod over at, a Mastodon GlitchSoc instance run by @Are0h

| |

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