@CartoonBangover Nigga and have you seen how they the WNBA players living??

How much money do these fools have and they go players living like this??

@guerrillarain And if you don't give it to them you're the REAL RACIST, TRANSPHOBE, HOMOPHOBE, etc etc

@guerrillarain And white people stay complaining bitterly when we don't give them the benefit of the doubt.

@MoMartin Ha, it wouldn't be a long conversation.

These places are replicating the same problem over and over again.

@MoMartin And from what I'm seeing, this is like 99% of the attitude that leads dev conversations about fediverse platforms.

We can absolutely do more. LOL, most people just want us to believe we can't because they can't or don't want to.

We can build whatever the fuck we want.

@KitsuneAlicia There are so many way to contribute outside of money, so don't sweat that.

I'm just getting the piece in place behind the scenes so when it's time to start rolling, it will be smooth.

@darius I do, but out respect for their wishes I will not reveal them because they do not want to be harassed like my instance has been.

@MoMartin I don't talk a lot about my professional background and my skills because who cares but yeah... I've been doing this for awhile. This is what I get paid to do.

People want to talk like the stuff I envision is not possible and I can tell you for a fact that they are liars.

They are just lazy and/or incompetent.

@KitsuneAlicia I've seen first hand how white people have galvanized to push Black folks off the fedi time and time again.

They absolutely know how to de-platform people.

Those campaigns are just generally reserved for Black/Brown folks.

@KitsuneAlicia shrug I knew what direction this place was going after a few months and after having a few conversations with Eugen.

Current fedi 'leadership' just doesn't want the fedi to better. They their own fiefdoms that they can control and dictate.

So we're just going to do something else.

The persistence of PV has made me optimistic that a sustainable solution is very possible.

Just gotta plan it out and build it.

@FreyaManibrandr It will when we have better tools to keep folks safe and negate the ability to harass people at will.

That's pretty much the crux of it.

@KitsuneAlicia Yup exactly. It's like saying a house should burn down because the tried to put it out by throwing a cup of water on it but they refused to call the fire department.

We have solutions to the issues we constantly see on the fedi. Many people from all different background have talked about them at length.

But there is currently more will behind covering for bigots and then hang wringing as if the issue is insurmountable.

And violently demonizing those who call bullshit.

@carl Ms. Morrison was specifically speaking to Black folks in this piece, but yeah she's not wrong.

Our challenge as Black folks is to not let them waste anymore of our time and keep them from us progressing to where we need to be.

I think that challenge is different in terms of white people because that's who needs to be on the front lines.

But in either case, one has to take care of themselves.

@KitsuneAlicia Yeah, this describes the general posture of the fedi when it comes to racism and hate in this space.

We all have the right descriptors in our profiles but when it comes to actually standing up and fighting for something, white leftist have always folded. Always.

But they want us to believe that hate on the fedi is some mystical unsolvable problem.

And it's not. They just allow it to continue unabated while constantly antagonizing Black folks who are sick of it.

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