@denikombucha Yeah, I want to buy from an independent producer.

@denikombucha Yeah, I use that too from time to time, but I want something for after shower moisturizing.

Fam, who has good whipped shea butter. Coconut oil is my jam, bonus points if it's mixed with that.

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Been tinkering with this on and off between client work and video editing. Its def helped work out my more depressive episodesπŸ’ž . Hopefully I'll finish it someday soon.

@sourcookie I'm gonna get these and a big ass tub of whipped shea butter.

It's about to be LUXURIOUS.

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okay familia PV,

adding emojis to our instance, woo!


I'm into comedy albums, so I'm finding all the comics I like on Spotify so I can listen to them while I walk around and of course, it suggests all of the whitest comics imaginable.

But I want to keep an open mind because funny is funny, so I found a compromise.

If they were featured on 2 Dope Queens, I'll listen to your album.

This is working out well.

@phoenyxgreene Just remember to dilute. DO NOT use it straight.

@phoenyxgreene I feel like that's the direction I'm going in cause I'm already into soaps.

But you're gonna have to pry Dr. Bronners from my cold dead, hands.

Dr Bronners 4LIFE.

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Patreon Continuing To Kick Sex Workers And Artists Off Their Platform Show more

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i use a lot of nahuatl in it. the names are nahua, i've retconned some Spanish influence on the language so some foods and such remain nahua... and honestly, i'm enjoying it.

a lot of writers using non-european backdrops for their stories bend over backwards to over explain pronunciations or foods like.. MF Lewis Carrol didn't tell me what "treacle" is. It took us four books before we learned to pronounce "Hermione". Dont even get me started on GoT.

@polymerwitch I'll admit I didn't put much stock into it until recently when I tried it and now I'm like 'what have I been doing with my life'?

@phoenyxgreene Yo! It's SO nice. I had no idea.

Now I'm shopping online for like 3 hours for lotion...

I look forward to taking showers, but I'm looking forward to it even more since I started doing the body lotion thing.

It's nice.

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