Greece, you can succumb to a rising Nazi dictatorship, or you can join a dopeass Sick-tatorship🕶🤘🏽 :TDR: :vote_me: :vote_D:

The desperation of white people to convince us the end of their privilege translates to the end of the world will always tickle me.

I get how the idea of consequences for being hateful pieces of shit terrify people that have socialized themselves against the concept of accountability, but you know, there's an easy fix for that.

Just don't be hateful pieces of shit.

If you find the idea of not hating people you don't know 'unrealistic', I have absolutely not sympathy for you.

No one protects survivors. No one protects victims of harassment. So we protect ourselves in whatever way we can. My method is sharp objects.

@lj_writes *camera zooms in while I turn to look into it directly*

Big ones...

The proud sovereign nation of The Denican Republic :TDR: , baby✊🏽🕶️

I'm very interested it DNA testing, but they all work with the Feds in some way shape or form.

Nah. I'm good.

:drake_dislike: Putting tape over your webcam and Mic.

:drake_like: Blasting NWA & Body Count on loop to really make the FBI work for it.

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Replace wedding/engagement rings with wrist scrunchies, you cowards :blobcatglaredrink: .

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