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Hey y'all! I've launched my creator page yesterday for real, for real.

Excited to be working for y'all (the community) in the upcoming months.

Ok I did a little bit of code work. Now I can chill.

@StarStuffSister We don’t have a word for what he is. They’ll never be another like him.

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Apparently at least one major government had an insider working undercover at Twitter:

It doesn't really matter if Twitter is trustworthy or not, simply having a vast amount of personal data in one place is going to attract spies from all sorts of organisations that wish to misuse it.

This is why decentralisation is important, to make it technically more difficult to invade people's privacy.

#Privacy #Twitter

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Is there a Linux (Ubuntu) application that's equivalent to Sequel Pro (a GUI for MySQL)?

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I’m not gonna code today. I’m not gonna code today. I’m not gonna code today. I’m not gonna code today. I’m not gonna code today. I’m not gonna code today. I’m not gonna code today. I’m not gonna code today. I’m not gonna code today.

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@denidimochka Hard agree. That's all I'm about. If it doesn't benefit the community I'm a part of, I'm not interested.

And with the talent in my immediate peer group alone, I know we can do it. We just gotta get organized.

That's hard to do because we all still gotta eat, but that's what I'm putting my energy into these days.

@denidimochka Yeah, I feel you. I been working the tech game a long time and if folks were going to change, they would have done it right now.

It's tough sometimes because a lot of folks don't understand why I'm so obstinate about the ownership aspect, but I see so many places benefiting off of our work while we live in pennies.

I just think we can do better if we can re-focus and consolidate. And I'm tired of trying reason with the unreasonable.

@gaynder I mean, it takes time to learn it, but I feel many just pick up Jquery and stop after that.

This is not to say it doesn't have it's uses, but it's just stuffed into everything nowadays and in most cases it's just not needed.

@gaynder Easier doesn't necessarily translate to better code and Vanilla JS just processes faster.

And I've found in 99% of the cases where JQuery is being used, it doesn't justify the bloat it adds to the overall codebase.

I find it unnecessarily increases complexity for simple things because a lot of devs don't want to learn how to use JS which leads to a lot of negative connotations about the language.

Because if JQuery was a vampire, I would stake it and kick the remains off a cliff...

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Hay Fediverse!
As you know @RebelleCunt and I are working on a documentary about her story and work as a scholar and activist. We will post things on our own PV Social accounts. -BUT-

Be sure to follow @RebelleTheFilm for future updates, clips, and more as post -production develops!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported & donated our project, we are so grateful. xx

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Today's #tarot pull serves us the Knight of Swords. Dashing, intelligent, quick to speak and analyze situations. Are you this person or are they charging in to offer you life lessons and guidance on your journey? If you've found yourself in melodramatic or depressive mental spaces, this is a reminder that you can create a bit more distance from strong emotion and, through acceptance of your Truth, embrace a more balanced perspective.

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NASA has made all of its media library publicly available/copyright free! I'm hoping there's enough stuff here for me to make a real crap sci fi film

It's Friday, gorgeous fediversians.

In a society that pushes people like Jeff Bezos as an 'innovator' and Elon Musk as a 'leader', doing crime is actually a noble act.

Do what you what gotta do to get by. And don't feel bad about it. Your value shouldn't be tied to how much you make yourself available to exploitation.

That's not right or normal. You are more than a product.

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