If you center Black Jews and Jews of Color in your thinking about Judaism/Jewishness, you can begin to piece together how anti-Judaism and antisemitism led to the creation of White Supremacy, but more importantly, you can begin to piece together an overarching theory of Diasporic studies that includes Jewish history AND the African Diaspora, you see the falseness of distinctions between peoples, which is to say the falseness of borders, and the richness of points of contact.

@zearen Even if white people do, in the end the point is moot because of what is happening.

The origin of the problem is the same in either case.

@Hyolobrika That's ironic coming from the person that got in their feelings about something that wasn't directed at them, ha, but yes, it's TWATTER and the NEGROES fault.

Ha, enjoy the rest of your bitch ass racist day, clown.

@Hyolobrika LOL, ahhhh, there it is.

Let it out, bruh. Let it out.

Every POC I know has had an elder teach them about food. Not just how to survive but how to be healthy. Ha, as kids we didn't always attention because the States throws a lot of money into pushing terrible food options, but we have that knowledge.

As I get older, I find myself leaning more on what my mom and grandmother taught me about food and resisting all of the classist and often racist shit we learn about the value of food in the States.

We been here for awhile. White folks are late.

It's funny to me there was a time when eating meat was seen as sign of wealth as was being overweight. These ideas aren't coming from no where.

Now as the States and Europe catches up to the cultures they stole from/murdered, they're learning that Indigenous cultures weren't just POOR: they just gave a fuck about their environment beyond their own immediate needs.

So rather than just admit we've been right all along, white people demonize us while they adopt our practices.

Ha, b/c... white

Not eating meat really isn't that big a deal. Humans have been doing it since there have been humans.

But much like everything else in the world, bigots want to use it as a tool to bludgeon the social groups they don't like.

Meanwhile their racist uncle votes for public officials that pump billions into the food industry to convince people that beef is what's for dinner night in and night out.

POC across the globe know how to manage live stock responsibly.

White people don't.

It's funny how white people talk about veganism/vegetarianism as if cultures haven't been doing that since forever and how it's a KEY TO SAVING THE PLANET!!

You know what else is a key to saving the planet? Dealing with white supremacy.

I guarantee if insufferable white people deal with that shit, we'll all be ok.

Imagine being part of a people who oppressed and murdered entire tribes and still oppresses them only to tell them they don't value life because they don't eat the way you do.

Disregarding any POC culture that eats a fair bit of meat as monstrous is such peak white colonizer bullshit.

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I don’t trust restaurants where the only Black staff are the ones who bus the tables... 😒

The cops that killed #AtatianaJefferson, never knocked, never announced they were police officers, and shot her within 4 seconds of making contact.

Fuck the police.

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