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Lebron. Again. Got damn.

@alienghic Yeah, I'm having the same problem. I need to establish some new colonies to help with resource and credit production, but I'm having a really hard time finding habitable planets.

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@kerrknoll Ha, cool...

And no, I'm not using it now, but I'm about to go back to it.

@moritzheiber I don't use Heroku because I run my own server, but even that doesn't look too complicated.

@moritzheiber Got damn it. I was going to do some gaming today, but now I'm curious.

@moritzheiber Same here. I've been using Reeder mobile and desktop for years.

Does Stringer have OPML imports?

@moritzheiber Nope, I've never seen this. And it uses the Fever protocol.


Oooo, Stellaris updates. Well, there goes a good part of my day...

Happy Saturday folks.

Going through life can be hard and we all have to make sacrifices to get what where we want to be.

As hard as we drive ourselves, we should match that with spoiling ourselves. Put effort into not just recharging your batteries, but legitimately taking care of yourself. Not so you work better. Not so you last longer. Just because it's nice and it feels good.

Don't just survive. Enjoy the life you work hard to build and maintain. Take that time too.

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Ok. I think I'm finally ready to watch Full Metal Alchemist again.

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Some good news: exit polls indicate Ireland 🇮🇪 has overwhelmingly voted to overturn their abortion ban, in place since 1983. A huge victory for women's rights.

@webinista Yo, I've been on projects where it was literally faster to just throw it out and start over rather than fix someone's non-sense.

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I wish I could impart my CSS architecture knowledge onto more developers ... like the previous front-end developer for this project.

The movie is alright, but Ron Pearlman as Hellboy is magic.

@lordbowlich I would say it's time well spent. It's a nice piece of software...