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@ArtistMarciaX I hear you. I’ve just been thinking about it a lot lately and the more I get into it and the idea of identity, I’m realizing I’ve never really leaned on the idea of being a man.

It’s important for me to realize that it does come with a certain amount of privilege and I always have to be aware of that use it to benefit folks that don’t have it, but personally for me… yeah, I’m good on that not being a part of how I identify.

I’m still going to be what I am regardless.

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⚠️Watchout for this email⚠️

•Do not open or download attachments!


Sick pedophile son of a bitch just randomly sent me some sadistic s***. Hes getting emails from switter to terrorize.


I’m very comfortable with the idea of getting rid of gender altogether.

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Snuck off for a quick overnight to #Montreal (it's 90 min. from my house), and got to check out a fairly new multistakeholder #coop brewery, called #MaBrasserie. #Quebec has some of the most advanced multi-stakeholder legal frameworks in North America, so I'm eager to come back and maybe meet with a board member or two to learn more about how they fit together.

Also, visiting #Canada is a reminder of how much of a basketcase the US really is. #NYC subway vs. Montreal subway; the diff is stark.

Rebuilt my entry editor for my personal blog so it’s color coded for markdown. It’s actually starting to look like something. Very pleased with the results.

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I don’t care what Google does. I’m doing something else.

Happy Monday folks.

If it works, stick with it. If it doesn’t, try something else.

Do whatever it takes to inch forward. It adds up.

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Hello new peeps! I'm Artist Marcia X (they>her pls thx) I'm a multi-disciplinary artist working w painting, photography, installation, performance & film.

My ancestors are AfroIndigenous (w a splash of colonizer) peoples from the Caribbean & Latin Am, & my work centers that Diasporic experience.

I've lectured and curated part time.
-Production currently on a documentary abt (FLAMES)
I got an IG: @ArtistMarciaX & youtube channel.

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🌻 Let's do another giveaway!

Boost for a chance to win this "Never Stop Punching Nazis" shirt.

I'll pick a winner at the end of the day tomorrow. 😘

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What is happening in DC should be a model every time these racist pieces of shit want to congregate.

Don’t even give them room to think about breathing. Don’t ask for it. Take it from them.

@Level14Boss I feel you. I do too. I’m trying to get more comfortable with doing it because it’s a journey about just being more comfortable with myself in general.

@mwlucas Hard agree. Diamond-level agree.

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@Are0h If they're not scared, we need to work harder.

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Nazis should be scared.

@bixmediocre @sonniesedge @tdorey I’m sure you could find it on her timeline. She’s open about it and talk about it pretty often.