Now that I think about it, I haven't played Metal Gear in awhile.

Throwing in the trash because the admin seems to be chummy with the bigot that I reported other day for accusing me of racism because I wasn't talking about poor white people enough.

You probably should to.

Leaving Mobile Suit Gundam Wing on English Dub becuase Megan Thee Stallion.

@MoMartin It's not what I would call good, but it's wildly entertaining.

I finished all the seasons of Power and now my life no longer has meaning.

@nein09 Yeah, once you get use to that feeling of feeling of physically good and energized on a regular basis, it's hard to go back.

Nobody believes I used to smoke cigarettes on the regular a couple of years ago. Now, I don't even think about them.

@nein09 It REALLY does. I enjoy it a little too much.

And it takes less to get there because I cut back a lot because of my workout routine.

It can be a slippery slope, but it's fun when I let myself indulge here and there.

@nein09 I have a weakness for whiskey, so I haven't had it for weeks.

I'll probably save it to have something to look forward to when we get to the other side.

@nein09 That's probably not a bad thing.

It's easy to go overboard in times such as these.

I've made it a point not too keep much of it in the house.

#INPICTURES | Solidarity between Chinese, Cuban and Venezuelan doctors to face the #COVID19 in Venezuela. Chinese doctors learned the "house by house," a Venezuelan methodology and exchanged knowledge and professional experiences.


@nein09 I can understand that.

It's all those little things that are helping us cope right now...

Well... that and alcohol.

looking for someone with a thicc

bank account

Today pissed me off, but I'm glad something positive is coming from it and those of us that are able are talking it through so we can get even better and recognizing and dealing with toxic threats to the community we are building no matter what kind of clothes they are wearing.

It easy to recognize overt racists, but it's the ones that lurk and hide that are causing the most trouble.

The more effective we become recognizing them, the faster our communities will align.

@lj_writes It's not just you and I think people who so willingly throw these words around are exposing their privilege as people that have not really suffered the effects of being on the receiving end of them.

When it gets personal, all that allegiance with marginalized communities goes out the window and they try to weaponize the shit they learned from us against us.

And that's just a common behavior of whiteness. It has no respect for culture.

@zee Yeah, man.

People think they are good at hiding it with particular labels and vocabulary mined from progressive thinkers and sources, but it's like chalk on a blackboard to people who actually do the work of pushing progress forward.

As Nas famously said, it aint hard to tell.

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