@June Ha, that actually makes me want to watch Continuum. I'm gonna add it to the list.

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Regular brain: new social network to replace Twitter and m.s will get people started

Energized brain: m.s is hurting the fediverse cause people don't know it's not the whole thing

Galaxy brain: m.s is good because it catches shitty people who just want to replay the worst of Twitter and we can just block it

@idleDreams And that's fine. I understand the preference to be left alone. I'm the same way.

But you cannot expect someone to know you preference if you don't say anything. You get to set the context for how you want to be treated.

Some people aren't like this and prefer to engage, which is fine. But if it's not for you, let them know. You have that right to your space.

@June Ooooo I haven't watched Continuum. Should I check it out?

@idleDreams I feel like you're asking a question that has a very obvious answer for the sake of being contrary.

No one can read your mind.

I binged the third season of Travelers yesterday.

I love that show so much. I just might watch it again from the beginning today.

Happy Sunday folks.

Hey. You're enough. More than enough.

@alextee @GinnyMcQueen Ha, this is probably one of the most tone def, subjective comments on OSS I have seen on here.

It's pure conjecture based on anecdotes and stereotypes.


@idleDreams A better question is why do you feel the need to separate respecting one's preferences from treating them as a human being.

Are they not one in the same?

I don't have someone to subtoot smutty things about.

I need to get my life together.

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some of you are disgusting, filthy, foul, horrible and nasty, and it's :valid:

Never underestimate the impact of treating someone like a human being. In a society as bigoted as ours, it's some futuristic shit.

@jalcine Well, in these kinds of discussions, I think a lot of folks prioritize convenience over pretty much everything else.

In the transition to better tools that don't exploit us, a lot of folks expect to just switch to another service rather than examine how they actually use the web and how those patterns are being used specifically against them.

There's no real urgency to learn because folks just want to point and click.

So that's their context, regardless of the consequences.

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"If the American government, which is now more openly conservative and bigoted than ever, cared about children, they would be shifting their budget to provide rehabilitation services, income, and basic needs for marginalized classes β€” including children."

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