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@c0debabe *leans into mic*

I categorically deny this implication. Clearly, my intention is for... uhm... science, ma'am.

Yes. Science.

Who got the best selfie game on the known fedi tho?

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Space Jam 2 finally gets a release date -

Everyday we stray further from God's light.

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instead of posting a list for just tell your friends you love them.

@phoenyxgreene Most times, it’s the will to try that’s the difference.

@sourcookie I LOVE spicy food, so I toss some dried red pepper in there to give it some umph.

Aw man, savory oatmeal is one of my favorite things to eat. You can make it taste like whatever you want and it goes with just about everything.

@sourcookie Nah, not usually. If I want it softer, I go with almond milk, but most of the time straight water and spices works for me.

My fave combo right now is turmeric, honey, ginger, red peppers and a dash of almond extract. That shit is SO good.

In a good place with my diet as well. I don't feel like I'm dieting, which is that sweet spot.

On workout days, I usually just eat some fruit in the morning before I work out and down a protein shake after. On non workout days, I'll do tea and an egg sandwich on wheat.

Lunch is usually chicken or fish with a grain (rice or oatmeal) and water. Juice if I want something else.

I'm not usually hungry in the evening, so I go with yogurt or a bowl of oatmeal.

This is easy for me to maintain.

@sourcookie Ha, thank you ma'am. I'm in a really good rhythm right now. It feels really, really good.

@sourcookie Sorta kinda. I stick to foods that give me what I need for the most part, but not religiously.

I got rid of the idea of a cheat meal because I'm confident in the consistency of my workouts. If I want a slice a pizza, I just eat a slice of pizza.

Most of the time I'm good with staying on track because I eat what I like (oatmeal, chicken, eggs, fruits, etc) but I'm not super strict about it.

Ok, so I have all of my bodyweight endurance/cardio out for the week, so it's weight training tomorrow.

I love weight training. I'm mostly doing dumbbells now, but I did do some barbel squats last week to add a bit of spice to the routine.

The shoulders and upper back have been really sore, but that just means I need to get stronger.

The weird part is that I'm putting on a bit more muscle, but I'm still losing weight.

That's pretty cool.

@sourcookie I mean, if we gonna do the thing, let's do the thing...

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Bernie: *speaks*

me: *mutes; turns on subtitles*

tfw your timeline doubles as lorem ipsum copy for your design mock up...

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