Mastodon is becoming a cesspool of thoughtful culture commentary

Milo Yiannopoulous doing one of the few things he's ever been good at, promoting neo-Nazis. Here he is encouraging people to join Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement, who's racial standards would ban him from joining for being partially Jewish + his interracial marriage.

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@brainblasted I'm about to be right behind you. I'm kinda obsessed with games that where I can build communities at the moment.

@jackdaw_ruiz Ha, none of them like this clown. He's so out of his depth.

I would say he's damaging the reputation of the States... but the US has a shitty reputation anyway...

Trump mocked by world leaders at NATO meeting.

The world knows a joke when they see it.

@WT_Dore LOL, I did not.

I feel like someone saw my comment and wrote an article.

Shit, I need to start blogging again.

@geektox I'll probably get into that next one I get some good time in on the first one.

@mwlucas Yesssss. SWEAR FEALTY TO ME and I'll guarantee a decent and even enjoyable standard of living.

Using weapons for conquest is so pedestrian.

@sean @QuakerWanker For me that's what the Star Wars movies are about. The ineptitude of EVIL and how it was it's own catalyst for demise. They were just terrible at what they did. They didn't know how to create, just rob and steal.

The Force wasn't magic, but rather a metaphor for the power of working together. It wasn't about individual heroism, but cooperating enough to the result is greater than the sum of the parts.

Even the Good Guys™ struggled with this, but they got it together.

@KitsuneAlicia Yup. And I'd incentivize it by having good working conditions so my scheme would remain under the radar and therefor quelling any rebellions before they began.

I've updated my gofundme. If you share that would be so appreciated ^__^
I have to quickly leave Spain and do my visa from outside the country. New unexpected costs I now need to cover.

Imagine getting a cent of *every* galactic economic transaction.

That's DOMINATION. That's unlimited resources without firing a single laser based weapon.

@Are0h its like when ppl can't understand the republicans these days. it's *for the power* in its own sake. not for "ruling" but how they intend to rule

@hypnotransgirl I'll be the person in the back on the edge of all the official state photos.

@mwlucas Ha, I'd be the most boring, relentless efficient and steady administrator ever.

I'd wear people down because I just don't break the routine. Ever.

I would be the most boring tyrant ever. My weapons wouldn't be star ships and lasers, but bureaucracy and mediocre goods.

The policy I would author would be about increasing dependency on my goods. Hell, I would even have a GREAT employment package so I could get he best minds to maintain and produce my goods.

Not to improve anyone's life, because I am EVIL after all, but to maintain my stranglehold on what people need to live.

And I would be as low-key as possible. Almost no profile.

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