@bstacey Right? I don't understand the insistence to make food they clearly are ignorant of and/or don't understand.

I kind of want them to stop, but I'm really enjoying people that do actually know the culture go in on them.

@ross And lest we forget, probably the most violent.

@meena I'll let you handle the specificities of your culture because you know more about it than I do, but the point is that there _is_ a historical context to where you come from. There is a culture that was built over time that informed decisions such as food.

Whiteness completely removes that context, which is highlighted by the lack of any personality to the food that comes from people that identify with that ideology.

Still waiting the folks who raised a BILLION dollars in a couple weeks for an old building to show that same level of respect and care for the actual people of Sri Lanka who could really use the help right now.

I probably shouldn't hold my breath on that one.

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@alpine_thistle Ha, I mean seeing how they generally just repurpose popular memes to get their message across (i.e. Pepe the Frog), they don't really strike me as a particularly creative group of folks.

@glyzinite Hm. I've never thought weaponizing of the term had any such nuance to it, but that's just me.

And it absolutely has become a dog whistle, just like the word 'communist' because this BAD THING™ because a handful of white guys wanted it too.

@meena I would honestly say that's a product of forgetting where you come from, or more appropriately in terms of the culture of whiteness, what one gives up to be white.

We joke about the lack of flavor of food white people appropriate, but it's just another symptom of culture itself.

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if you argue that there should be a cost for higher education, you're admitting that college should be a class gateway and that the poors shouldn't be allowed to do it

@paco Ha, that's generally how I interpret it as well.

It's like people who refuse to engage in good faith and respect are UPSET they are being treated like assholes.

There is nothing wrong with respecting one's space and boundaries. They're just being dickheads.

*installs rug mod*


*installs one more rug mod*

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