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Because refusing to argue or entertain a bigot that jumped into my mentions with their inane and subjective bullshit is ‘condescending’.

Ha, I love this…

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Me after finally finishing FMA Brotherhood

LOL, yo… yall gotta see this. He’s UPSET I’m blocking his instance, but in the same breath says he’s reported me to my host.

You can’t make this level of delusion up.

“Why did you block me?? I only called you a sexist and racist and threatened you?” A play in three parts Show more

Ha, well that didn’t take long.

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Live footage of me showing a rough cut of my first video.

I’m helping a friend of mine who is a fantastic illustrator (more on that later) set up his new work area. It’s coming along pretty well.

COL walking those dogs on POL. I thought Poland was a top 10 club?



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Because when I block you for being a dumb ass, this is the way to make me re-consider.

Ha, don't be this guy.

Ha, White Fragility: A play in two parts.

Hey, beautiful people.

You made it to another weekend. Hit it hard and enjoy that shit.

CisHet Dating nuggets, #selfie Show more

Because Naomi Aja King. For obvious reasons.