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Hey, beautiful people.

You made it to another weekend. Hit it hard and enjoy that shit.

CisHet Dating nuggets, #selfie Show more

Because Naomi Aja King. For obvious reasons.

LOL, don't be this guy.

Design is finally not making me question my existence. I think I can rest tonight.

Can’t leave without taking the crucial IHOP family selfie.

Hanging with my almost 1 niece at my nephew’s Chucky Cheese birthday extravaganza.

Momma @alice on the timeline dropping nuggets like

Timeline passing out content warnings like

tfw the lyrics are problematic but the beat is FLAMES

So I'm looking around for some sneaker boots for my casual Kakashi Hatake look I'm putting together for the spring/summer and these might work...

The Masto front page re-design is pretty cool.

Ha, but seeing my avi that big makes me seem kind of pretentious. I'll have to design something new for the front.

Because when you're white, the best way to get people to see your 'perspective' is to never admit you were just wrong and get more and more outlandish.

LOL, this dude @taoeffect is literally contradicting himself, but lets just ignore that because his feelings are hurt...


LOL, because when you're Random White Dude who has an issue with taking about white people, TALKING ABOUT DEALING WITH THE REALITIES OF RACISM IS RACISM ITSELF!!11!