LOL when white people start some bullshit and get upset you treat it like the bullshit it is.

A play in two parts.

Instance Block, Another Pleroma Racist 

Workout Day 565, selfie, no ec 

*me in the back of the room watching people lavish praise on the brilliance of @ArtistMarciaX *

puts ship on cruise control, cracks open a Gek microbrew.

"Garvey actual to Captain, over."

"Yeah, what's up, Lgren."

"Captain, you were due back 3 hours ago. We really need to sort, catalog and store our haul from our three expeditions..."

sips beer

"You're right. That sounds important."

"Are you even in the system?"


"sigh Please let us know when you're back on board. We really need to get this done It's been..."

"Roger that. CAPTAIN OUT!"


LOL I challenge anyone to post any evidence that I'm any of these things and if you do post where I take accountability for my slip ups.

And if your 'users' (weird flex, but ok boss) keep my name out of their mouths there wouldn't be a problem.

But they can't. Because you and your bunch of hateful bigots don't have the courage to just be honest about the constant racism you've launched against us as well as protecting those who do it.

LOL, you're just a fucking liar.

It's actually not, you piece of shit.

Just go lick the boots of your white admin and keep our name out of your token ass mouth.

So you'll 'cry' over a white women who is out trying to do some good for Black people, but you have constantly demonized Black folks on here who have tried to do the same.

I don't know what 'us' she's talking about but she has been anti-black.

This is just some performative bullshit. Another example of how folks on here say they support Black folks but that never actually materializes.


selfie, ec 

LOL! You stepped away from some drama YOU started? Ha, this is some Amy Cooper shit.

And you didn't 'flame' anyone. You saw some shit you didn't like by a Black/Brown person, responded as any common bigot would respond and now you're apologizing because there was a consequence.

PV has already suspended this instance, and I would recommend you all to do the same.

That moment when someone you see acting in bad faith proves in fact that they are acting in bad faith.

Hey gardening nerds...

So I have this little plot out back of my place and I want to turn it into a little something to grow stuff I eat a lot like potatoes, carrots, cabbage etc.

As I have no clue of what I’m doing, is figured I would ask for some advice.

Talk to me, farm fedi...

"Come, Smek'j'laryid... it's only a cracked warped drive, 25% of the hulls missing, a completely fried electrical system, no shield modulator, an impacted pulse drive system and some minor MINOR radioactive fluid leakage into the cockpit!

Where's that can do attitude, buddy. Between our 8 arms combined, WE GOT THIS!"


Nadiyah Hussien appreciation post because she's one of my biggest crushes.

Bad ship! You will not try to excrete acid onto potential trade partners and try to absorb their nutrients! Go to your landing bay and think about your actions!


How do you say hello in Creepy Glowing Cracked Pulsating Red Orb? I thought I had a universal translator around here somewhere...


"Oh, this thing? Well... let's just say I'm good at two things and the other is playing cards when I'm shit faced."

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