TFW you see someone so fine, you have nothing clever to say and just kinda look for an awkward amount of time.

Finally got around to making another batch of my coconut, Shea, almond and jojoba oil blend that my hair and skin love.

I am excite.

Soooooo... just fuck their actual qualifications huh?

Sounds about white.

This comment pretty much sums up why Masto is clearly going in the same direction as FB, Birdland and the like. Poor, myopic leadership obsessed with maintaining social media norms that harm people.

Gargron simply refuses to see anything outside of his narrow perspective, framing an issue of safety as 'assuming everyone is an asshole'.

It is this kind of white male intransigence to reason that makes the web unsafe for anyone but them.

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So my new game deck came today.

This thing is... intense...

tfw some fool is getting on your nerves and you about to flick off, but you get it together and handle that shit with style...

LOL, ah, this dude is an apologist for white supremacists and nationalists under the guise of intellectualism and morality.

Now it makes sense.

And how to white 'progressives' respond to a comment about the obvious white nationalist leanings of the biggest video platform on the planet?

They laugh.

And we wonder why Black and Brown people keep getting mowed down by bigots.

Live footage of me when my client mentions a redesign...

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Cutie from OK Cupid: Hey Ro. Oh you like to work out? That's cool. Maybe we can...

Me on OKCupid:

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@isagalaev And I made clear in uncertain terms that I did not appreciate his unwarranted and very unwelcome response and yet he persists under the guise he's 'protecting me from embarrassing'.

This dude is a straight up piece of shit. Behavior like this is why the FOSS community is a dumpster fire.

And I want to be clear about why I posted @isagalaev wildly aggressive and condescending DM.

On one hand he complains people hiding political thoughts behind CW, but that does not stop him from sending wildly disrespectful messages to people he doesn't know for the sake of his ego.

He could have easily said it in public, but he chose the coward's route.

And I'm not going to let this slide b/c this behavior is KILLING the FOSS community.

And another white guy comes forward to show why FOSS is a steaming pile of dog shit for everyone not an entitled white guy.

My spider-sense when it comes to bigots is undefeated, yo...

I knew this dude was just asking questions to validate some personal belief about me.

LOL, and when refuse to engage, all that hate and angst comes out.

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