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This fool @marmalade gives a great example of how a bigot thinks they are being 'intelligent', but really just provide an illustration of their bigotry.

Don't do this. Don't be this person if you have a genuine desire to discuss anything that I post.

I'm open to a back and forth, but debating with a person that is clearly not trying to see anything outside of what they think is not something I do.

Me watching white people get upset when I talk about the simple truth of how Black America created American music.

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Ayyyeeeeeee, you made it through another week. I think that deserves a morning dance party...

Me vs CSS today.

And oh yes... I'm the Hitman.

I use stylus for a lot of my projects, but I want to use Bulma, which is written in sass, for the grid system cause flex box is the shit. Hrm.

But Bulma is modular, so I just render the parts I need in css and import the raw css into my stylus project.


Hey, so you remember how I said I wanted to do a special on my design and development services for the new year?

Well, I decided that all projects that I book this week will be half off my regular rate. That's right. A 50% discount is in effect for any project started before January 8th.

*grin* I wanted to start 2018 with a bang.

For the deets on the special, read this:

I know. I'm excited too.

This is when you know they've run out of shit to say and are just performing for their friends.

Yo, when Spike says "I'm going. I'm going to get my woman..."

Because Megalyn Echikunwoke. And let the church say... amen.

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Because Dascha Polanco. Got. Damn.

These two messages sum up our exchange. He alleges he doesn't know what else to do outside of shaming his family, but when I make specific suggestion, lol, it's not 'constructive'.

See how that works?