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Finally got a haircut. Turned out pretty good.


Ha, I was on the fucking money about Anna.

Translation: I had to show that nigger how to act, so I had to come at him like crazed bigot. IT'S HIS FAULT I WAS AN ASSHOLE!

That is some straight up abuser shit.

Because when you're a white PROGRESSIVE, that means making racist feel better about being a piece of shit.

And let's be clear about what @anna is doing here.

She comes after me and I immediately resisted her clearly biased non-sense and she predictably attempt to weaponize her identity against me, as if I'm attacking that and not bigoted discourse and actions.

This is what 'progressive' white women do to signal they are friendly with other bigots.

It's a behavioral pattern. A very old one they've used for centuries specifically against Black men.

When you don't have to say shit because bigots tell on themselves but really expect us not to notice because... white.

I kinda feel like a hacker for hire that has a penchant for good tea and comfortable, sensible spaces.

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So lounging in a Chicago train station has changed from what I remember

Yo, this is a completely serious comment. And this person expects me to DEBATE with them.

LOL, white people are a trip, man.

Ha, no pile ups, please. I just want people to see how even progressive white people care more about the appearance of caring about social issues rather than actually doing something about it.

Yes, it's a pattern. And mind you this is right after I comment where I talk about how I just go profiled.

Ok, I don't hate it. I think this is a good start for the Fipamo index.

Ignorance, racism, slurs. Another bigot illustrating exactly what I said in realtime. Show more

Ignorance, racism, slurs. Another bigot illustrating exactly what I said in realtime. Show more

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TFW you see someone so fine, you have nothing clever to say and just kinda look for an awkward amount of time.

Finally got around to making another batch of my coconut, Shea, almond and jojoba oil blend that my hair and skin love.

I am excite.

Soooooo... just fuck their actual qualifications huh?

Sounds about white.

This comment pretty much sums up why Masto is clearly going in the same direction as FB, Birdland and the like. Poor, myopic leadership obsessed with maintaining social media norms that harm people.

Gargron simply refuses to see anything outside of his narrow perspective, framing an issue of safety as 'assuming everyone is an asshole'.

It is this kind of white male intransigence to reason that makes the web unsafe for anyone but them.

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