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Remember what I said yesterday about how upset white people get when you take away their ability to harm without consequence?

Remember when I said that white people get angry when you don't assume they act in good faith and hold them accountable for their behavior?

Ha, peace and love though, right?

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I really dig how this is turning out. I think I finally have all of the options for my post editor working, so now I can plug it in to the other sections to edit text.

And I'm really glad I changed the color palette. It pops like good [**SIGNAL DROP**]

White people be like... Show more

Shout out to WCAG. That was an interesting color theory challenge.

But I think I'm getting the hang of it.

You should probably just mute or block whomever this person is cause.... yikes...

Whew, building a rich text editor from scratch is a bit tougher than I thought, but this thing is going to be pretty slick...

I got my Akai MPK Mini in the mail today. I don't have the words for how excited I am to start making music again.

Happy Wednesday, beautiful people.

May you be as unbothered and care free as Tetsuya Naito today and hence forth.

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Slurs, Bigotry Show more

taking some me shots for new site, #selfie Show more

taking some me shots for new site, #selfie Show more

Workout Day 71, #selfie Show more

Cold fusion take, unpopular opinion, just unfollow me Show more

But, yeah, running an instance is pretty cool though.

Building that trust is DIFFICULT, but when I see people who choose to use my instance say I'm a good admin I'm like...

Live footage of me watching the timeline morph into a lusty pile of filth.

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