Let's take this for example. She has done nothing by continuously lie and bad mouth my instance, but she is giving me LOL *permission* to speak to her and try and 'make amends'.

Mind you the only reason I'm talking about this is because she keeps bringing me up. The idea I give a fuck about *anything* w.l. is doing is pure delusion.

This is plain ole garden variety racist conjecture. A white women believed she is 'owed' something she did not earn.

She's just a racist. And she keeps proving it

I've said this on many occasions, the only expectation I have on PV is respect. You will respect the basic humanity of people on my instance or there will be no communication. It's that simple.

PV is not like Anna's fiefdom where she needs to the one in charge. The admin team on PV is very visible and I have been checked by them on more that one occasion. That's how strong communities work.

LOL, and how does she know who I work with?

All of this is pure fantasy.

This whole thing is a lie because we've been had both of the instances she mentions by name handled. For a long time.

Ha, point to anywhere I've said PV was the *only* PoC instance on the fedi. I'll wait.

I challenge anyone to approach me on PV only being for the 'right kind of Blacks'. That's some paper bag test shit she is completely making up.

LOL, everything coming out the side of her mouth is a lie b/c she's upset I exposed her as the bigot she is.

Mind you, this person's only interaction with me was harassment and insults, which I just blocked eventually a couple weeks ago, but he's still talking about me.

Ha, but I need to 'chill'.

Bigots are so NEEDY.

More ableism, General stupidity, Probably good instance to block 

Abelist, general stupidity, probably a good instance to block 

Baby yoda frowning on your shenanigans might be my biggest mood.

Their disgust is so subtle yet tangible.

Like 'oh, this is what we're doing today. hm.'

workout day 392, ec, selfie 

So this is the behavior white people always replicate.

I don't know who this is, yet they always pop up trying to give me 'advice' in the most condescending way possible, which of course I reject.

LOL, then they come back and call me UNCIVILIZED (a racist dog whistle) because I won't entertain their non-sense.

This is what white people do. They constantly engage in the behaviors they complain bitterly about.

LOL, this is a perfect summation of whiteness.

Starting some shit, then acting like you don't why it's happening.

This is classic white people shit. They talk that reckless shit, but when you step to them, the bitch up.


I'm on the spectrum myself, but hey fuck reality when you're a racist trying to share your 'opinion'.

So Canada passed policy that designates Indigenous people protecting their land as terrorists??

White people are outta control, man.

There's an easy solution for this that does not require violence, but white people LOVE violence.

selfie, no ec, hair washing day 

A white dude that uses Plemora complaining about lack of etiquette online after saying he couldn't find EVIDENCE of bad actors using the platform after scrolling allegedly several weeks through my timeline.

LOL, this is an example of why I say trying to debate with white people is pointless. Wether they are conservative or not, both are just going to deny there's a problem, regardless if there is proof.

Further, this 'point' is completely irrelevant because it completely ignores *why* people are pushing back so hard.

Quite simply, we're tired of people's toxic and manipulative bullshit.

There's a reason people don't fuck with Pleroma. There's a reason why the majority of dansup's supporters are folks who have a history of coming at Black and Brown folks.

Kaniini like to hem and haw about evil THE LEFT is, but ignores the context of why.

Because that's what bigots do.

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