Cutie from OK Cupid: Hey Ro. Oh you like to work out? That's cool. Maybe we can...

Me on OKCupid:

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@isagalaev And I made clear in uncertain terms that I did not appreciate his unwarranted and very unwelcome response and yet he persists under the guise he's 'protecting me from embarrassing'.

This dude is a straight up piece of shit. Behavior like this is why the FOSS community is a dumpster fire.

And I want to be clear about why I posted @isagalaev wildly aggressive and condescending DM.

On one hand he complains people hiding political thoughts behind CW, but that does not stop him from sending wildly disrespectful messages to people he doesn't know for the sake of his ego.

He could have easily said it in public, but he chose the coward's route.

And I'm not going to let this slide b/c this behavior is KILLING the FOSS community.

And another white guy comes forward to show why FOSS is a steaming pile of dog shit for everyone not an entitled white guy.

My spider-sense when it comes to bigots is undefeated, yo...

I knew this dude was just asking questions to validate some personal belief about me.

LOL, and when refuse to engage, all that hate and angst comes out.

Ok, made some updates to the previous mock that I think I like enough to build.

Ok, so you log into Fipamo and this is the opening screen. Thoughts?

tfw you realize breaking up with your ex over some petty shit was a mistake when you see how hard single life is...

I do not condone piling up on anyone, so that's not what this is for.

Rather, look at the rancor and hostility of an alleged 'leftist' white person when you talk about the reality which is at odds with a subjective world view.

How does this separate the Good Whites™ from racists?

Spoiler alert: It doesn't.

It is an example of how whiteness re-asserts itself as good even in the face of overwhelming evidence.

My face when I see instances joining together to share information about blocking bigots.

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If you're ever wonder why Black Americans are often distrustful of sharing our issues with other alleged 'progressives', this is a great example.

I'm talking about a point that specifically affects marginalized people in the States, but some how, magically, that means we don't care about Venezuela?

This is how anti-blackness works. Disingenuously using another social groups problems to down play issues that plague Black peoples.

Had to take a step back from coding Fipamo and design a sane settings section.

I wanted it to be clean and easy to understand and not overload users with too many options.

I'm probably going to keep messing with it for the day, but I like how this looks so far.

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Remember what I said yesterday about how upset white people get when you take away their ability to harm without consequence?

Remember when I said that white people get angry when you don't assume they act in good faith and hold them accountable for their behavior?

Ha, peace and love though, right?

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I really dig how this is turning out. I think I finally have all of the options for my post editor working, so now I can plug it in to the other sections to edit text.

And I'm really glad I changed the color palette. It pops like good [**SIGNAL DROP**]

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