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LOL! Yo, people really believe this is a legitimate point to 'debate'.

People really believe their obviously hostile biases and bigotry are worthy of actual consideration.

I will never not laugh at this.

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LOL, I legit have not said one thing to this person since I silenced witchesDOTlove, but somehow, magically, I'm COMBATIVE and AWFUL.

Ha, we're not even trying to make sense anymore.

It's all about making me the Angry Black Guy to distract from an obvious pattern of how she enables people to go after Black and Brown people.

And let's keep it all the way real. 🍊 does the same exact thing.

Issa script. White people cause drama and then blame everyone else for it.

LOL, cause... white.

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The killer of Heather Heyer, James Alex Fields, Jr. , just caught two life sentences for her murder, but yeah, it's just words on the internet.

Listening to white people like this will get people killed.

LOL, yes, you're the victim because I won't put up with you harassing me and people on my stance.

Sounds about white.

Translation: It bothers me that I can't be a raging dickhead to people I don't know without consequence anymore.


The single inescapable point about both of these individuals is that the both started shit with me unprovoked and I responded in kind.

LOL, again, it makes white people very upset when you don't put up with their myopic and subjective bullshit.

It's wild how bigots are simultaneously so hateful, but can't leave us alone. They *need* our approval, and if they don't get it, they just get hateful.

I find that hilarious.

Yo, these are straight up lies. Soni just doesn't like it that we don't put up with her white centered, performative bullshit, so she wants to defame me and my instance even after she displays the very behavior she complains about.

We do not go after people and I am very clear about not piling on even when a bigot comes at me.

She just hates the agency of people of color and there's a consequence for her bullshit.

Oh, he blocked me already. NICE! I l always dig it when trash takes itself out.

Ha, and instance blocking is already in the codebase, so..... yeah...

Don't be like this guy. Ha, please.

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Translation: We should, at the very least, make sure bigots still have some way to harass people because.... fairness??

Because, when you're a white guy, those, OF COURSE, are the same things.

This actually warms my heart.

If these people are calling my a hypocrite, I'm doing ok.

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