The popularity of geek/nerd culture still trips me out.

When I was a young buck, it was the opposite of cool to be into comics, video games, table top, etc.

Now, it's like the thing. I think that's pretty cool. Ha, it for damn sure is better than what it was.

this honestly messed me up so much. i was a teenager when all of my interests sort of went from deeply uncool and isolating to stuff everybody wants to know more about, felt like almost overnight. i was kind of a shitty person for a while because of the sudden popularity

@ebeth I can understand that. Going from being fine with being unsocial to being put in a social situation because of shared interest can be a tough transition.

@Are0h really frustrating to see the people who are upset about this shift.

@imani Agreed. It should be the more the merrier rather than all this 'who is a real gamer' non-sense.

But you know how it goes. Folks will use anything to serve their subjective and often fictional elitist attitudes.

@Are0h I was talking to some friends about this a few weeks ago and we all somewhat agreed it was the superficial stuff and somewhat... bastardized?

weird rant: They took the fruits of nerd stuff, but they never took the mindset, which can be applied to anything. We concluded it the nerdy mindset was basically sincerely liking things (from cars to comic books, whatever) and being sincere about that. They're still all trying to be ironic.

@calvin I'd definitely say we all geek out about something or other, whether it be game decks or shoes. We all have that thing that just gets us.

And personally, I've always thought there was way too much conversation about examining other people's motivations for getting in the culture rather than just appreciating the culture it self.

It's true some won't appreciate it like we do, but we can't control that. I'd rather spend my time building with folks that do.

@Are0h yeah, for real, though i sure wish nerd culture had reacted in a healthier way to the switch.

unsurprising, in retrospect, that it hasn't, but we could have saved a lot of pain with less gatekeeping.

@brennen Aw man, that's a discussion in and of itself about why the culture reacted so poorly as it's popularity and profile picked up.

Unfortunately, there are lot of biases and prejudices that still shape a lot of attitudes that mimic the general prejudices of the country it inhabits.

I mean, look at folks reacted to Anitia Sarkessian. That has nothing to do with gaming. It's just plain ole sexism.

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