Ok, so the initial version of my bookmark service, Fipamo, is up.

Apparently I'm into photography, social issues, video games and smut.

@papageezoboogiehead I can say whatever the fuck I want about myself. Enjoy your day.

@are0h Saying "apparently" means you don't know and it only appears that way. Absurd thing to say about oneself.

@Are0h pretty stylish for a first draft!

nitpicks: pagination seems off by one and it doesn't seem to pick up titles (lots of fancy OpenGraph shenanigans possible though)

@calvin Yeah, I'm still working out the pagination and the titles work, I just have it turned off. It's a minimalist thing.


Bug report: Off-by-one error on the page numbers at

First page says "Page 2 of 16" while last page says "Page 17 of 16."

Still working out the kinks, so I'm going to spit shining it for the next couple of days, but I'm going to be using it as my main bookmarking thing from here on out, so keep it locked.

I'm still debating on opening it up for people to use as well, so give me some time to weight the pros and cons.

@Are0h nowadays, I just open source everything when reasonable; it's pretty quick to audit for things like API keys, and make sure they aren't managed by the same repo the code is in.

bonus: obvious thing to show on portfolio.

@calvin It's funny how view source was one of the first things you learn on the web, and it's still useful after so many years, right?

Patched pagination so all my bookmarks cant be viewed. thanks to @calvin and @ghedipunk for the heads up...

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