I've always been an in the trenches kind of dude. A behind the scenes guy. I don't like a whole of attention because it's not necessary for what I want to accomplish.

I used to think gutting it out and enduring suffering was the way to 'prove' I was 'dedicated'. As I get older, I find that was just some silly juvenile shit I liked to tell myself.

The real shit is self care. The real commitment is taking care of yourself so you can keep working for extended periods of time.

Putting oneself in a position to endure suffering doesn't make one any more or less committed to the work they're trying to do. Being consistent is so much more important than shallow examples of what toughness is.

Toughness is getting up everyday and sticking to your plan. Toughness is earning the trust of your community. Toughness is committing yourself to a goal and structuring your life to help you achieve it.

And doing that requires the greatest challenge of them all.

Be kind to yourself


If you need sleep, then sleep. Don't sacrifice eating to continue working. If you start feeling irritable take a break for while.

Your well being is an integral part of whatever you are trying to build. It is absolutely necessary to prioritize your wellness not only for your work, but just for your day to day.

We all make sacrifices for what we believe, and that's cool. However your wellness should not be one of them.

Do whatever you need to do to maintain that. It's fucking worth it. Trust.

@Gargron We're all on our own journey, my man.

Sometimes it takes a while to unlearn bad habit. Especially in the web game.

@Are0h it's plain scary just how irritable one can get from mental exhaustion. and it's usually due to pushing yourself to quickly finish something, ending up so badly counterproductive

@valerauko Exactly. One can work much more effectively by doing the little things to take care of themselves. Take breaks, drink water, eat, sleep, etc...

Unfortunately our industry has normalized completely toxic work behaviors to the point where wrecking your mental state is seen as 'noble'.

It takes awhile to unlearn this because it's so pervasive in our industry.

@Are0h Maaaan where was this post last night when I was coding 'til 5am?! Hahaha!

It's very easy to get caught up in our goals and dreams while neglecting your wellness. Next thing you know, you're bloated, sick, and at the reaper's doorstep with a bag full of money that you'll have to either spend on your recovery, or leave behind when you pass on.

Give thanks for the reminder!

@kylinux Yeah, man. That's the big swindle, right? Sure, the money is nice, but if you don't have the life where you can appreciate it, or even worse it costs your wellbeing to achieve, what's really the point?

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