The first thing you gotta remember about bigots is that they are cowards. They specifically go after people they believe to be weaker than them, and it's always in numbers.

The best way to deal with a bigot is to not allow them the space to effectively express their bullshit. Bigots abuse the idea of free speech for the express purpose of trying to harm people for their amusement.

I have no regard for the feelings or opinions of bigots because there only goal is to cause hurt and drama.

I am a cordial and very pleasant person, but if you present yourself to be as a bigot, I do not owe you a shred of human decency or respect.

If you want me to respect your opinion, engage me like a rational adult, and not a child that throws a tantrum the moment their view is challenged.

If you can't do that, then you have a problem. It's really not that hard to be not be a dickhead. If you find that difficult, that is your issue, not mine.

Keep it respectful and it's all good. If you can't do that, then fuck your feelings.

Namasté and shit.

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