So... this is the kind commentary of allows in their instance?

Yeah, it's probably a good idea just to silence.

@Are0h "Why is 'people of colour' good but 'coloured people' bad" is such a thing that I would have said at age 14.

At least I would have been genuinely curious, though, in a "wow, little differences can sure mean a lot" way. Piling one attempted gotcha on top of another is just wearisome and an obvious sign of bad faith. If he doesn't have that paragraph saved and ready to Ctrl-V wherever he wants to make a pest of himself, he might as well.

@bstacey It's how bigots think and it's been so normalized that people get really upset when we dismiss it as the bullshit it is.

It's a deliberate intent to ignore context and frustrate conversations about specific cultural realities and perspectives they are not uncomfortable with or outright antagonistic to.

@Are0h yikes yikes yikes i should probably move instances im just here for the domain name

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