Ha, I see a lot of tokens caping for the fedi and all I'm gonna say about it is this:

You can like all the anime, video games, classic music and furries you want.

If you're Black/Brown, the fedi hates you and your only value to it is to be a shield for the obviousness of their complicity with racism in this place.

You have been warned.

@Are0h Do not give them so much power over you.

@Are0h mh, very hard to convey the concept over this medium...
One try: You will not win, if you play THEIR game by THEIR rules made for THEM. You will need to set up YOUR OWN game to play (and let others play with you) by rules made for everyone participating.

@carl Have you not been paying attention to what I've been doing?

@Are0h Yes, I have. It is setting up an own game. But it goes even deeper than that I guess. Something along the lines of Decolonizing the Mind.
I am very sorry, if I offended you. This was and is not my intention. I have trouble to convey such concepts over this medium, plus, I do not know you that well to be good at that.

@carl You are correct. You don't know me that well.

Keep that in mind when you're trying to tell me who and who doesn't have 'power' over me.

Because that opinion is largely based on pure ignorance.

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