I've said this before and I'll say it again.

The fedi is just a racist place.

Sure, people have the right buzz words in their bios and all that but it's been three years and the fedi still has the same virulently racist problem it had when I first set up PV.

People say the right things in public but they conspire behind the scenes to harass Black/Brown folks.

And it's not GAB centric people. It's your friends, your mutuals, your faves.

That's why nothing is being done about it.

The fedi is a racist place not because its hard to root out racism. It's been pretty easy to identify where the centers are coming from.

The fedi is racist because it wants to be racist.

It's not rocket science. It just is what it is.

People in the fedi like being hateful, angry and bigoted. It's just simple math.

The fedi itself is microcosm of Western society and it's unrelenting patience it has for violent hate and bigotry.

It's still here because people like it.

The ultimate legacy of Mastodon is that it provided yet another tool for racists to spread their hate through the inaction and quite frankly submissiveness of the community around it.

The tone Mastodon set allowed for other bigots to follow suite, i.e. Pleroma, Pixelfed, PeerTube, etc.

These are all tools that bigots have created and used to spread hate.

Because hate is the primary identifying characteristic of the fedi.

And that's all it will ever be.

Sorry to hear that that's been your experience. Our experience is really good. We know you've touched on this already but maybe our instance/admin does an especially good job of removing precise terrible entities?

FWIW and gab are both Cloudflare.

@dsfgs Thank you for this absolutely useless and gas lighting statement.

We sorry we came across like this. All we can do is share the experience on this instance. We didn't know it was teeming with racism till your toot.

We saw a bit of China-baiting, at the start of COVID but that was fairly easy to identify as propaganda.

Stay safe and well.

Love from Australia

@dsfgs Again, this is an absolutely useless response that is more for your edification than ours.

I did not ask about the state of your instance or what racism you allegedly do or do not see.

This is completely irrelevant to what has been said.

Take this gaslighting bullshit elsewhere.

We talked about Cloudflare. Please be weary of them. They appear an arm of propaganda merchants. Their servers spew content aimed at radicalising people. Based on their control over many mastodon instances we believe they are indoctrinating them. Meme warfare is real.

"People" on their platforms are experts at producing extremists. Chans are theirs… produced NZ fwit.

Is Cloudflare? They could be producing content aimed at radicalising. Don't underestimate Cloudflare.

@dsfgs LOL, the amount of assumptions in this response is wild.

Please go away.

Given your polite request we will. Here's hoping things improve.

Love from Australia.

@dsfgs Ha, I seriously doubt you meant that.

Go away... for the second time.

@Are0h I agree with this wholeheartedly, and a large part of that is because when people getting banned from centralized services, they tend to move to the fediverse, and we get stuck with them. The one thing I will say is that at least this is a community issue and not a management issue as we see with platforms like TikTok censoring black/brown voices.

@singularjor I kind of agree but there is not concentrated effort to deal with those bigots that get banned and come here.

Sure, it's easy to deal with Gab-like instances because they are overtly racist but little to nothing is done about the consistent effort of 'leftist' instances to constantly minimize, discredit and demonize the experiences of people on the fedi that aren't white.

At least Gab had the courage to be honest and open about their bigotry.

@Are0h Is there a way the fediverse could deal with that as a whole aside from changes of individual instances' policies?

@singularjor There is but it requires a commitment to de-toxify general interactions on the fediverse that quite frankly has been violently resisted in my entire three year time I've ran an instance.

The fedi could absolutely be safer but there is a vested interest in not keeping it so. That's the heart of the issue.

Those communicating in Japanese (quite a lot), Arabic or Kiswahili are likely to have a different perspective.

It would be better to see some collaboration to build networks, infrastructure with like-minded people and avoid the wasteful complaints about racialists. There are bigger fish to fry.


Afraid see. I'd prefer to some content about like-minded people on different fediverse servers, ignore all else. E.g. seeing (, waiting to find similar content, servers administered from Lagos, Nairobi, KwaZulu Natal, etc..

Actually, consider the suggestions good for you. A far better legacy than commentary about ignorant people. There is plenty life beyond Amerikkka!

@mastodonr Ha, that's ironic coming from a person who makes the passive aggressive assumption that my efforts are limited to talking on the fedi and that I am not aware or contributing to efforts outside of it.

You have no idea who you are talking to so calling someone 'ignorant' based on your own is quite funny to me.

Referring to "racists" amongst the fediverse as ignorant, for clarification.

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