I'm not saying I'm the best admin on the Fedi, but I am saying if you gave me two weeks, I'd have cleaned up without that much effort.

The problem with masto social isn't an explicitly difficult one.

They just cater to bigots and have enough tokens on their mod team to shield them from meaningful critique on their lack of effort.

All Gargron has done is replicate Twitter for bigots who don't want to be moderated.

That's the legacy of Mastodon.

@Are0h i'm getting the sense that you don't appreciate my comments is all.

@xj9 Ha, I don't but that doesn't mean I'm rejecting you as a person.

@syntacticsugarglider @Are0h

oh fuck uhh yeah i don't endorse that. the video is interesting though. are the APcon videos hosted elsewhere?

@xj9 @Are0h my assumption was not that you endorse those statements and that was not intended to be a callout of you, they're comments on an unmoderated public newsletter site .-.

but honestly i was surprised by how concentrated the bigotry is, normally public fora are mostly like... various sorts of apologism and pseudo-centrist bigotry-by-avoidance

instead of explicit, outright, "the jews control the media and the evil cultural marxists are coming for you"

somehow this still shocks me idk

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