LOL, people are UPSET folks do not want to Trump to recover?

I remember when white people celebrated the death of Trayvon Martin. I remember when they mocked his death endlessly.

White people said Breyonna Taylor and George Floyd deserved to die.

Flint still doesn't have clean water.

The idea white Americans have any moral standing to dictate who should and shouldn't receive empathy and compassion if a fucking joke.

They have been celebrating death since the slave ships.

Ha, days like today is when how full of shit all your fave PROGRESSIVES are.

They pick moments like these to show how 'empathetic' they are while Black/Brown folks continue to get harassed, abused and run off of social platforms on a daily basis.

They want 'compassion' for bigots that enable violent hate and mass death but will chastise marginalized groups for not responding gracefully to constant torment.

Days like today show how regressive and hateful the Fedi truly is.

@Are0h fucking WHAT?! is this just the conservatives or are the white neoliberal dumbasses on Twitter making an "uwu we shouldn't wish for his death because respectability politics" shitshow as well

jfc white people

@Are0h cities are still being held hostage by the feds and PD for demanding justice and we're expected to have sympathy for literally anyone holding the line for fascism? fuck outta here.

@Are0h Thanks for those words! I have been thinking the same for a long time but couldn't find a way to explain it.

@Are0h The morally and emotionally healthy response to 45 getting sick is glee that the fucker might reap the whirlwind.

@Are0h before then, really, as white conquistadors celebrated the easy military slaughter of Indigenous peoples after the diseases they brought decimated the population. The story of white people on this continent begins with the celebration of Indigenous deaths. Everywhere I look, throughout history, the arrival of Europeans in a region begins with a massacre.

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