Do you know if these people are aware of fediverse and therefore potential new content on your server?

@mastodonr Ha, I think I better question is why do you feel the need to assume I'm not.

No assumption, just a question. Tried to subscribe via RSS but not content, prompted to read further and didn't see any "social media" hyperlink, hence the question

Typing error, should have been "...RSS but no content..." (i.e. the feed was empty)

@mastodonr Ha, if that was true, we'd be talking about how we could work together rather than you attempting to lecture me about topics you have no idea about.

Can't see the "lecture", but shall avoid the distraction. Please recall, a reply started to your post about "fedi racists". If you have another separate post about your collaboration ideas, please share and let us end this thread, continue an appropriate collaboration discussion elsewhere

@mastodonr Ha, my collaboration ideas have been shared/spoken about many times.

They fact you don't know about them and prefer to lead with your wild ignorance very clearly indicates your intent.

There is simply no evidence that shows you have any interest in interaction beyond racist assumptions and making prejudiced conclusions for the sake of your own feelings.

According to your profile, you have posted > 20k posts; I assume you have many ideas because you stated so, but please do not expect all posts to be read. For example: was curious about '12th house' but the hyperlink in the post (playvicious.social/@Are0h/9895) did not work for me. Seeing post playvicious.social/@Are0h/1049 was confusing. Why waste (your?) time to "clean up" 'masto.social'? The profile page for 'playviscious' is clear in its purpose, so I am happy to read playviscious, ignore 'masto'

@mastodonr So, you're telling me your both hyperbolic and lazy. Ha, this is not surprising.

Ha, it's only 'confusing' if you have no idea of my history on the fedi, which have consistently shown being resistant to learning.

And if that was the case, you'd be spelling the name correctly because it's literally right in front of you.

But again, your ignorance, casual racism and refusal to engage info right in front of you over your own opinions is clearly the problem here.

Lazy, guilty in this regard. No problem here! I shall avoid the posts and stop wasting our time. Odabo :)

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