LOL, this person came in swinging WILD saying I support Masto (???) over Pleroma AND I'm pushing people to use corporate social media platforms because I'm talking about how many hateful people use Pleroma.

LOL, ME?? This person clearly has no idea who they are talking and are upset because I won't take assume they are trying to engage in good faith.

Ha, I can't stop laughing.

@virtualwolf They get in their feelings but don't have the courage to just admit they were wrong.

They have to perform to make themselves feel better.

@Are0h I wish I knew what you were talking about, but I've domain blocked pretty much every pleroma instance that's had the balls to so much as appear in my federated timeline, let alone my mentions lmao
your post about how much it sucks looks so normal to me
they're not worth the time it takes to read their 9000 character replies lmao

@wgahnagl That's probably for the best.

They do this thing where they come in with wild ignorance and assumptions and when you dismiss those assumptions, they say you're doing it in bad faith.

It's a tactic quite of few of them use on each other so they get upset when one just sees right through it for what it is.

@Are0h They showed up on librepunk once when I was shitting on pleroma too and they did like the exact same thing to me lmao
it's so hard because there's a part of me that just fucking loves reading the dogshit they come up with, especially when it's written Just For Me
it's like getting a subway poet to write you a sonnet but instead of being about how beautiful you are, it's just the most surreal racist shit you've ever read
but I don't want librepunk to suffer for me lol

@wgahnagl I mean... I do get a kick out of just seeing them go on and on because it just illustrates what I say about people that gravitate to that software.

If you like it, use it. Everything else beyond that is them just being wild dickheads caught up in cults of personality.

@Are0h I think a part of it comes from the fact that pleroma instances federate with shit instances automatically, and if you're disillusioned with social media, and are enough of the techbro type to set up your own instance of fedi software, you'll probably see the free speech shit and go along with it until you get radicalized by nazis

I'd feel bad for them if they weren't just the worst people on earth

@wgahnagl I sort of agree but their leadership encourage that kind of behavior from the jump by explicitly stating they don't have that experience so it can't be real.

This is a dog whistle for hateful people. They know there isn't going to be any consequences for their actions.

The instances pleroma connects to automatically are predicated on this culture. That's why hateful people use it specifically. Ease of use is just a bonus.

@Are0h well I thought that the instances they connect with from the get go were explicitly the servers that are used by and endorsed by the devs, which are Absolute Cesspools lmao
they were like the first instances I had to block lol

I'd feel bad for the people who got in not knowing any better, but if you look into it for more than two minutes, there's no way you wouldn't notice

@wgahnagl I haven't tried it in awhile, so it may have changed. What pushed me away from it was the absolutely toxic people they have contributing to that project and I've seen how they talk about me and my instance when they think no one is looking.

The sad part is it's not a bad piece of work but it's yet another example of how good ideas are made irrelevant by poor leadership.

But I can just build something else anyway, so I'm not losing anything.

@Are0h oh shit I accidentally deleted my reply lmao

anyway go FOSS I love watching projects built by bigots die in obscurity, while other projects built by less shitty people overtake them on every level
rip pleroma, long live PV

@wgahnagl Yeah, agreed.

I tried getting into both Masto and Pleroma but their leadership is... let's call it lacking so I just decided to build something on my own and build a healthy environment around that effort.

In my experience, better software gets built when everyone has an equal shot at contributing and encourages different perspectives rather than just building the vision of one person.

@Are0h ^^^ this, holy shit
I wish the "benevolent dictator for life" bullshit could be permanently eradicated from FOSS circles
if anything is responsible for shooting good projects in the foot more often than not, it's the "well intentioned" lead dev.
I don't want to contribute to upstream mastodon because it feels so locked down by the main devs, but forks like glitch-soc get me fired up, and I've been watching your project for a while and it looks,,,, so fucking cool

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